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Thread: Experimenting with Almond milk and dark chocolate!

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    Experimenting with Almond milk and dark chocolate!

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    Has anyone successfully blended dark chocolate and almond milk together to make chocolate milk? I've been trying but basically the dark chocolate I'm using (100%) will not mix with the almond milk and it sort of just solidifies itself. I'm wondering if I didn't have the almond milk heated as the warmed dark chocolate was poured in if they would mix, and then just re-chill and see what would happen.

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    i mix chocolate whey protein powder with unsweetened almond milk and it tastes just like chocolate milk. i know some people dont like whey so it might not be for you

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    I literally just made hot chocolate with 100% cocoa and almond milk! It takes a bit of stirring, then heating, then stirring, then heating...but it will eventually blend. I don't know what it is, but cocoa hates to mix with liquid.

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    I make chocolate syrup. Very easy. Heat 1.5 cups of water in a pot, stir in 1 cup of unsweetened dark chocolate powder and whisk until combined and no more lumps. I whisk over medium-low heat til the desired thickness is achieved. Then, I stir in stevia powder to taste, and sometimes a tablespoon of coconut oil if I want a little flavor. You can store it in a jar in your fridge and use that as chocolate syrup for your almond milk. I put a tablespoon in my whey protein shakes and use it liberally over ice cream.
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    Here is my recipe for a Hot Chocolate with Almond Milk ! "no salt girl": Hot Chocolate with Almond MilkImage 1.png

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