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Thread: Anecdotal Evidence (RedMenace's Journal)

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    Anecdotal Evidence (RedMenace's Journal)

    Early morning of my fourth day primal.

    I mentioned in my introduction post that I'm trying this as a last ditch effort to feel good, be healthy, and generally have a better time of this whole life shindig.

    So far, I've noticed two very promising things:
    1) No more energy roller coaster. This also means no more mood swings. Everything has pretty much been very even.

    2) I am really enjoying the food. I have been between CW and ovo/lacto veg for the last 4 years and, frankly, not only was it starting to get boring, but I'd figured out how to eat complete unhealthy crap while still technically adhering to either diet schema perfectly. Go me! (and yay, sarcasm!)

    Today I did all the things one does to keep track of data at the beginning of a diet change. I weighed and measured myself.

    As of today I am:


    I also took some lovely (and by lovely, I mean embarrassing) "headless fatty" shots. I'll combine them with later headless fatty shots to compare the visual aspects of my body composition about this time in Sept.

    I can hardly believe what I've gotten myself into. I am so enthusiastic about the primal way of eating I jumped into this diet with guests coming into town for the next 3 weeks straight. On top of that, I'm due to start an epically carb-bingey time of the month-ish, like, any second now. (All the better to pad my headless fatty shots with extra bloat for a more dramatic difference, I guess.)

    Despite all this, I managed to say no to cupcakes and tortillas today, not to mention baklava and myriad noodles and a hamburger bun (despite the server's weird looks and requests that I repeat my order multiple times) yesterday. I've not experienced this level of willpower since I gave up smoking a year ago. I've never experienced this sort of willpower with food. I REALLY hope it holds.

    I've also noticed a few relatively disturbing things that are going to take some serious time and attention to work through on my part.

    First, I do not respond to hunger or thirst signals properly anymore.

    Thirst, for the most part, feels exactly like hunger. This is probably due to me not being so great about hydration while living at altitude for most of my life, and also being used to drinking a significant portion of my calories. I've acquired a very large water bottle and I hope to learn to be enthusiastic enough about water...or maybe disciplined enough about water, to drink it every time I feel a pang. Theoretically, I should start developing the ability to tell the two signals apart... eventually.

    To do that, though, I need to pay attention to the friggin' pangs! If CW taught me anything, it was that you should ignore your body's requests for sustenance at all costs and bully it into a feeding regimen based on the hands of your clock, or the whims of your company, or whatever. Because of this I find myself suddenly aware that I've been ignoring hunger for HOURS, getting moodier the whole time.

    Secondly, while I've read, appreciate, and understand the science behind low carb styles of eating, high fat styles of eating, and primal eating, I still look into the depths of my morning omelet, 2 eggs with spinach, broccoli, a touch of Parmesan, fried in butter and drizzled with walnut oil (delicious) and think "OMG! MDA is trying to give me a HEART ATTACK! ABORT MISSION! ABORT MISSION!"

    Indoctrination, kids. It runs deep. I dislike the feeling of it. It's like someone else, who may not do their homework well, owns part of my brain. (O hai, FDA! GTFO!)

    Finally I've noticed a general energy increase. Not much, because I decided to switch to this diet coming off a serious bout of anemia brought on by (crappily executed) vegetarianism, so my overall energy is super low anyway. But, I seem to be recovering faster than normal.

    Perhaps this is all enthusiasm-induced placebo effect. It's certainly a lot to be noticing three days into a new routine. Usually I'm just unhappy and starving at this point. We shall see.

    I suppose, aside from the poorly defined goals at the beginning of this post, I don't have any at this juncture. I'm just here to see what happens. If I'm still on board after a month, I'll start setting real, tangible goals. For now I'll just sit back and hope good things happen while I'm enjoying this lovely piece of bacon.

    -Red Out
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