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Thread: No-one should miss the AHS videos page

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    No-one should miss the AHS videos

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    Probably no-one here has, but I haven't seen a link, so just to make sure - here they all are:
    Ancestry's videos on Vimeo

    I haven't watched them all yet - and I need to have another go at keeping up with Mat Lalonde... - but wow, what a feast. Personal favourite so far: Nora Gegaudas. What else is really not to be missed?

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    I'm watching "Rainforest in your Gut" by Dr. BG and TG, it is really interesting. I loved Nora Gegaudas presentation. I'd say ya just have to watch them all. Great stuff, I'm glad they posted these on the web for free. do you look, feel, and perform? -- Robb Wolf

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