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Thread: -18 lbs in 10 weeks (among other things)

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    Norak's Primal Journal: -18 lbs in 10 weeks (among other things)

    Hi. I'm a 6'3" male in my early thirties with a guesstimated body fat percentage of about 25%. I'm not too happy with this, so I'm planning to do something about it, starting today. I've been on this forum for a while now, but my efforts to lose weight and gain health have been somewhat inconsistent, so I thought it was time for a reset.

    I'm currently weighing in at ~238lbs with a 37" waist and I'm aiming to get that down to ~220lbs and 34" by November 1st (10 weeks from today).

    I'm already down ~12lbs and 1.5" since May, so I know this is doable, but I need to focus on eating cleaner and working out more consistently.

    So, here's my plan:

    - Eat 2-3 meals per day.
    - Eat clean, whole foods (meat, fish, fowl, fruits and vegetables).
    - No dairy, except sour cream and butter.
    - No added sugar or artificial sweeteners (only whole fruit or 100% fruit juice to deal with sugar cravings).
    - Limit grains (typically a burger w/bun 1-2 times per week).
    - Limit processed food.
    - Strength training 3 times per week.
    - Walking/running/hiking/biking/whatever 2 times per week.

    I'm hoping to achieve this without losing too much muscle (actually, I'm hoping to gain muscle), so I also have some strength/fitness goals to go with it:

    Squats: 2x6 x 90kg (~198.5lbs)
    Deadlift: 2x6 x 100kg (~220lbs)
    Bench press: 2x6 x 115kg (~253.5lbs)
    Dips: 2x6 x 15kg (~33lbs)
    Chin-ups: 2x12
    Pull-ups: 2x6

    Note that these are typical workout sets and not 1RM/5RM or anything like that. (I have no interest in knowing those.)

    For reference, here's my workout log from last week:

    1x8 x 20kg, 1x8 x 40kg, 2x8 x 60kg

    1x8 x 40kg, 1x8 x 50kg, 1x8 x 60kg, 1x8 x 70kg

    Bench press:
    1x8 x 60kg, 1x8 x 70kg, 1x8 x 80kg, 1x8 x 90kg

    1x8, 1x8 x 4kg, 2x8 x 8kg

    1x5, 1x4, 1x3, 1x2, 1x1

    I didn't do pull-ups last week, but last time I did I could do 2-3 sets of 1-2 reps.

    It's been a long time since I've done any "serious" strength training, so I don't know if the strength goals stated above will be too easy, or even too hard, but it's a starting point anyway. I might have to adjust my goals in a couple of weeks, when I know more about what my strength/fitness level actually is.

    Wish me luck! I'll keep you posted on my progress...

    As far as 80/20 goes, I'm aiming for eating clean on a a day-to-day basis, but I'm not going to stress about "unclean" eating during social events, etc. Typically I will go out drinking (beer) 1-2 times per month and go out for non-primal dinner (i.e. with ice cream dessert, etc.) about the same.

    I'm a pragmatist, and having failed the 100% "clean" path so many times in the past, I'm not even going to bother trying to do it this time. I will try as hard as I can to eat clean on "my own time", but when I'm not in control of the menu, I'm not going to obsess about it either.
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