Welcome to my Journal, my keeps track and makes sure i don't cheat journal that is.

So today is my day 5, and I'm already down 6 lbs, talk about that for encouragement to stay strong! So lets see how did the day go..

8:30am- Ate 2 Egg Muffins (LOVE these things)

9am-Rode Rocki and lounged Kat

10am-Ate a bannana

10:30am-2mile walk/run

2pm-Salmon & Avocado Roll

7pm-Homemade beef stir fry and some sauteed spinach yum!

I also had a long talk with my mom and her boyfriend about my new eating habits after she commented that I look thinner. She seems really interested, he seems to not give a sh*t, typical.

In addition to my more natural eating habits I've also stopped using my plethora of skin care products to try and fight my "adult acne." I gave them up 3 weeks ago now and haven't have a break out since... curiouser and curiouser.