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Thread: Metaolic resistance training with plyometrics

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    Metaolic resistance training with plyometrics

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    I've been using the metabolic resistance circuit structure to workout. (2 days a week) I've basically stuck with simple body weight exercises, but was looking to expand. Plyometric type body weight exercises seem to be the perfect fit for this situation. I was curious to see if anyone else, has structured their workouts in this fashion? My goal eventually, will be to do a heavy metabolic circuit on say Monday and a plyometric metabolic circuit on Friday. If anyone has any information in regard to this question, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again and have a magnificent day.

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    I do alot of body weight training, only short burst of plyo...I have an unorganized routine of jumping jacks, arm walks, crab walks, assisted and unassisted hand stands and some jumping form plyo depending on how I feel. Just keep it flowing in a room full of different tools..hula hoops, jump ropes, TRX, Mats for tumbling and falling techniques... just have fun. I do my pull ups in a different room which sucks, but that is where the rack is. (All in the Gym).

    Good Luck!
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    I'm not sure exactly what Plyo's you're planning but my advice would be:

    - make sure you have a good strength base to start with
    - think quality rather than quantity

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