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Thread: The Chocoholic's Primal Road

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    Yeah, I never warm up. Ever.

    I consider walking the kids to school and then walking home my darn
    warm up and that's it.

    Everything always feels so much heavier when you (one) warm up. Even if it's
    just bodyweight. Thbbbbb.

    Okay, totally LOL'd for REALZ when you said your wrist got owned by something else. That
    was a HOOT! Thanks for the laugh. Wasn't expecting it.

    But I am, sorry, that your wrist got owned.

    I was doing those stupid standing front raises and those always make my wrists hurt, so I have
    to stop, or try a wider or closer together grip... or, just do arnies.......

    What in the world is a ujam class? Sounds like fun.

    I hear you on wanting to go to the gym more than you do.

    For me, it's the only other place, really, that I get to hang out with adults
    and NO ankle biters.

    There's always school, but those crazy ass bitches are all about gossipping
    about who and what and where and did you know this, and did you know that....

    God, so draining, and you know, ladies, you'd better keep your trap shut because
    those people's kids might be in YOUR kid's class next year and then you'll look like
    a total scag for talking shit.

    I'm cordial and all, but Mama ain't there to make friends. After I get the kids there
    and into their class after the bell rings, I vroom it on home. No chit chat, no nothing.
    BUH BYE.

    So what you're saying is that your mom is a BABY! Wow, she must have had you when she
    was, what, 25? I don't know how old you are, but I'm thinking 25 or younger............

    I was old cuz I didn't even find my husband until 26, got married at 30 and then finally
    got the urge (never wanted kids in my life) to have kids until 33. Weird.

    So here I am, the Old Mom, but by golly I *AM* the fun mom. My neighbors think
    I'm absolutely whack. Pulling my kids behind my bikes on some skateboard contraption
    that I built. Rollerskating with them in our court. Chasing them and tripping them on grass
    every chance I get.

    Oh well, better than the mom that constantly says "run along now and play with your toys".

    Besides, I'll do anything to get out of cleaning the house.

    Okay, cats - OMG, I HATED cats. Have ALWAYS hated cats. Never met a cat
    in my entire LIFE that didn't BITE or chase me. Seriously. That is ONE part of
    Dr. Julittle that didn't get hardwired because I hated cats and they hated me.

    The only reason we got Rachel, was because Trevor, my oldest, really, really, LOVED
    kittens (why or how I don't know), and since I just had a baby (his brother - AKA - Spawn
    of Satan) I figured that Mike could take Trevor to the shelter to get a kitten.

    And so we did.

    I really didn't have enough time to spend with Rachel when she was a baby, cuz I had a 3yo
    and a 3mo old, so I'm sure that has a lot to do with the way she is today. Which is sad. But,
    she DOES like pets sometimes, and, well, she loves her food, so at least she sticks close to home
    and she eats.

    BUT, Bijou, holy moses, I have this sweet baby all to myself every day for hours.

    When she was in her little bathroom getting acclimated, I would sit in there, not look
    at her, but bring my "hers, muscle and fitness" magazine in there and just read aloud.

    I know, total DORK...and I laughed a lot during it, telling myself what a dork I was, but
    man, that really brought baby out of her shell and now she is FOR SURE, MY CAT. She
    mews at me when she is hungry and when she's tired. When she wants to go to sleep
    she'll find me, want me to stop whatever I'm doing and put her under my sweatshirt so
    she can go to sleep.

    Total old lady crazy cat lady move, but my gosh, I've never had something so affectionate!

    Well, that's not true, my first black lab was the bestest, but that's a dog, and way different.

    Then there are all the fun kitten antics that go along WITH the affection, which have Mike and
    i just rolling in laughter most of the time.

    I've lamented more than 10 times "why don't we have 50 cats?" and he just gives me the evil
    eye like "don't even think about it".

    That said, I DO think that a cat is something that you have to have as a kitten so it can indear (endear?) itself
    to you. Getting a full grown one, you just don't know if you're going to get an ass or not. Or a dud.

    And I fully hear you on the dog thing. When I was 18 I NEEDED a black lab, and I ponied up the 500
    bucks for my AKC registered one TOO. No shame in that.

    I know there are a buncha shelter dogs that need homes but, well, gosh, they're such a tossup.

    Even with our second black lab, Hugo, I never ever ONCE felt the same way about him that I did
    for my first, cuz I didn't have him as a puppy.

    So, when you get a dog, just go ahead and get what you want. Save the shelter dogs for when you're
    older and you've had a trial run with your fave.

    Yeah, the chocolate chips - I have so few left now, I just won't buy anymore after they're gone. I don't
    even know what it was about last night. It wasn't like just a random craving, it was more of a "I NEED THEM".

    So I had about 1/4cup and I was fine.

    I take a crap ton of magnesium every day too, so I don't know whats in them that I needed. The sugar I guess. lol.

    Yeah, who knows about that darn pheasant. But I do know that my mother was pissed as hell when she came
    home from work and found that I had used her brand new card table to help make a house for it out in our
    muddy backyard. Snort.

    Welp, off to get those kids of yours (see how they're yours now?) from school.

    Hope you have a great rest of the day. My triceps are fried from the gym today. May not
    be able to type tomorrow (i know you're secretly excited about that! hahahahhaha!).


    Your New Stalker

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    Wow, Julie, I don't think I'll be able to reply to your entire post tongiht lol.

    Just going to make my regular journal I sucked this week. There was chocolate at work (I don't even know why I ate it - it was crappy Godiva truffles) and chocolate at home (darn my landlady for getting more hersheys kisses during my pms time) and I've been eating a lot of swiss gruyere cheese. At least they're raw milk, aged for less than 6 months, and made from grass-fed cows? =\

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    Never worry about that - I know my posts are a bomb.

    Sorry to hear about the chocolate.

    I drank chardonnay last night, so put me on the Suck List too, please.

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    Lol my wrists used to hurt, but now they don't. Maybe it's something your body has to get used to. Like how cleans require really really flexible arms or it hurts like a mofo xD

    Yeah, my mom was 26 when she had me. Tehe. Good thing my brother ended up super mellow, otherwise my troublemaking alone would drive her insane (sometimes I wonder if our genders got mixed up). You sound like the mom that all the kids in the neighborhood would want. All moms want to be pretty and gossipy, but I like the laid-backness you have. And fun-ness

    Thanks for the puppy tip; I'll keep that in mind. I won't be getting any animals yet, though, because apparently I can't even afford taking care of and capable of taking care of myself. Too much chocolate. I'd get my dog sick >_< if it didn't get sick of me also reading to it (LOL i can totally see myself doing this)

    And finally, LOL at the house for the pheasant. I used to do that for bugs and gecko's I found in the school playground, and my mom would never let me take them home And then I'd make a mess of the house using all our chairs and blankets to make forts on a daily basis. Hahaha, thanks for reminding me of those good old times

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    Wow where to start. So I made a bunch of coconut butter this morning with shredded coconut and ate it until I was kind of sick (it was so good! the salt makes so much difference) but I felt nauseated the entire day. Until I came home to eat my venison after the gym lol

    Btw venison sucks. Elk rocks. Grass-fed beef is a good in-between. I think I'm going to try my hand with the antelope and wild boar if it's still on sale at Sprouts next week and see which one I like the most. I was too scared to buy them last time because the meat is so lean.

    My body hates me for not supplying easy glycogen. My weights totally suck still. And I figured that my old record of 185lbs on squat wasn't even valid because I didn't even get to the 90 degrees. I hope my body gets used to this state soon.

    Tuesday night I am planning on making scotch eggs with quail eggs and grass fed beef. So looking forward to it!

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    Hey there, howsit going?

    Yanno, I just bought some coconut manna from whole foods, which I'm assuming is
    akin to your coconut butter, and I was NOT impressed. I was expecting it to be..... um,
    well, I don't know, just different from what it was.

    Maybe more of a peanut butter consistency and sweeter, though there's no sugar added.

    I don't really like it, so, not sure what I'm going to do with it. Maybe MIX it with some
    peanut butter, or add it to smoothies. Dunno.

    So tonight is the night for Scotch eggs, yes? Sounds like good times. I'm not much of
    an experimenter (or chef for that matter), so I'll live vicariously through you.

    Oh, as an aside, I porked down the rest of my chocolate chips on Saturday night. I think it was like
    a cup and a half of them! Gah! Actually finally felt a little gross after eating them, but by golly, I HAD
    to get rid of them.

    So, chip free since then and have been replacing them with Hot Tangerines (hot = stolen) from the neighbors,
    and let me tell you how, even though the tangerines are absolutely EPIC in flavor, I do not want to overeat them. HAR!

    Today was the first day in a long time that I didn't wake up a raving lunatic BITCH, am in a great mood and lots of energy.

    Wow, real food works.

    How's the wrist feeling lately? Still owned?

    Muscles succumbing to less glycogen yet?


    p.s. oh, you wouldn't have to read to a new baby puppy or anything. I just did
    that with our kitten because it was feral, never had seen people and was scared
    as hell when we finally caught it. Just wanted it to get used to my voice at first
    and not me reaching out trying to pet it. Sweet baby kitten. Was about the size
    of your hand, 5oz. Now Porko is up to 5lbs!

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    Oh, is coconut manna basically smooth like coconut cream but firmer, and white compared to coconut oil? Like mayo?

    Yes, scotch eggs...were too good. I ate them ALL. 20 quail eggs and 1lb grass fed beef LOL. My tummy is happy though. I ate way too much today. I think maybe close to 3000 calories in fat and protein (and some spinach and onion) WTF. At least carbs are under 50....

    Meh, just don't go buying more chocolate. Never justify buying more. EVAR! D: But that's great that you have lots of energy without those chocolate chips! Keep it up for at least a month and you'll definitely be reaping the benefits! (now to just practice what I preach...XD)

    My wrist feels okay, but my abs are still uber sore! Even though I kind of stretch every day. Meh. We'll see tomorrow at the gym how I do. Will keep you posted!

    And I meant that I am the type to probably do that to my dog if I get one, just because I'm weird and treat animals like kids LOL. =

    Good night!!

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    I've never had coconut cream before, so I'm not sure, but it *is* firm, and white, and it's not exactly
    gritty, but bordering on it.

    Hard to explain.

    Today is day 7 of no chocolate, I can't even believe it.

    Now, that doesn't mean that I didn't get into the kids' frosted flakes last night because I
    NEEDED something sweet... I did... but I certainly didn't plow through 800 calories of them.

    It's nice not having the chips in the house. And I *do* have some 90% Lindt, in case I need the
    chocolate flavor hit, but I haven't opened it yet.

    It'll be interesting to weigh on Monday to see if the absence of chocolate chips has done anything.

    If it really is all about calories in/calories out, without the chips, I probably should be down two pounds,
    but we'll see.....

    So, my right eyeball totally got owned by my lying chest flys on Thursday.

    I was only using two 20lb dumbbells too, which is 5lbs less than normal, felt something in my eye,
    got up,looked in the mirror, and I'd broken a blood vessel and it was NASTY.

    I got all creeped out and just went home.

    Now it's morphed into just about my ENTIRE eye and I look like something from a zombie movie.

    Totally lame, totally ugly, and I blame you completely.

    Okay, not really. Hi.

    What did you do for your abs that made them so sore?


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    Hm, that's interesting. Maybe it is like coconut oil but still retains some of the carbohydrates from regular coconut? That's all I can think of to explain what it is.

    And NICE on the no chocolates ! I am back to day 1...but after going to nerdfitness forums for a little advice from the younger crowd (no offense, most of the people on MDA are kind of double my age XD), I am committing to the Whole 30 (minus the days when my coworkers absolutely pressure me to go out to eat with them). I don't think this "as many fats as you want" is working for me, because I just eat close to 3,000 calories a day, at least 250g of it being fat, and I always end up feeling really sick, or craving protein (sometimes I default to carbs because I ate all the protein o.O)

    How often do you weigh yourself? My boarder has a bathroom scale but I"m scared to death of weighing myself, so I am trying not to until the beginning of any month haha.

    And oh, man that really sucks about your eye! Use raw meat to help heal? (and eat it after) I don't know if that works, actually, but I bet some aloe or oil will probably help?

    I did a mini WOD that I haven't done in forever. I've been slacking on my sprint exercises and have been only doing them once, or twice max a month. This one was, with minimal rest, 50 dumbbell snatches (30lbs), 50 bicycle crunches, 50 pushups, 50 box jumps, and 50 russian twists. My goodness, my obliques were sore for 4 full days. And my legs were fine. Ab fail. Especially when (or if) I start my sports season again because dragon boat uses a lot of abs/back D:

    Thinking about moving my workouts to the morning so that I'll have a really great posture for the rest of the day and not having to deal with being tired yet still pressured to go to the gym. Wake up at 6. Prepare and drink bulletproof coffee. Go to gym and arrive at 7. Do 2 heavy barbell lifts or 1 10-20 min WOD. Foam roller/stretch 10 min. Shower. Hopefully get to work by 8 or 8:30. After work I can choose to or not to eat/cook dinner and not feel pressured to eat obscene amounts of protein after a workout. Brush teeth. Play games until 8 or 9. Read for 1 hour. Sleep.

    Man, I am pretty addicted to bulletproof coffee now D: I bothered a bunch of HR people at a bunch of coffee companies to find a good one. The recent one I found, Goshen, arrived last week and I have been LOVING it. Mmmm...

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    Also I've noticed that I didn't eat fish for the last 3 weeks and have been supplementing omega-3s from time to time. I think that contributed to my unusually downhill outlook most days and need for stuffing my face in depression once I got home from work. I ate some smoked salmon last night and today I was instantly rejuvenated. Learned my lesson...

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