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Thread: The Chocoholic's Primal Road

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    I'm so glad you're open to increasing the weights you lift every week. I keep telling my mom she needs to do it to avoid muscle atrophy but she thinks it will make her fat I'm also not the best example of heavy weight lifting & slenderness either lol

    Wow your program looks a little too complicated lol. It seems like you have 4 upper body and 1 leg and 1 full body compound movement? Do you do this every time you hit the weights?

    I find push presses kind of cheating because if you do them right, it shouldn't even use your shoulder muscles that much. I haven't plateaued on the overheads yet, so I think I'll wait till that happens, and then give your suggestion a try

    It's great that your family is open to eating Primally for dinner at least. They'll at least have a taste for it when they grow older and realize that it's better for them. What kind of snacks do you prepare for them?

    Feel free to rant in my journal, lol. It's great to finally meet someone Primal in San Jose (that I know of, anyway). Everybody else is in SF

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    Well you just send your mother over to my house and we'll go to the gym together.

    I've gained 7lbs of muscle since 2008 and I don't look fat, so, neither will she.

    Send her over!

    My training program is a push/pull full body routine. Hits everything, even bi's and tri's without
    specific dedicated moves for them. Also, each move targets the core in some way as well.

    I do the routine Monday, Wednesday and Friday - then I take Sat and Sun off from the weights, but always
    go for a hike or a nice 6 or 10 mile walk or something.

    The original full body routine for beginners was:
    goblet squats
    romanian deadlift
    negative chins
    arnold presses
    low incline dumbbell press
    one arm dumbbell row

    I've been doing it for so long that I've had to swap out exercises that are more
    challenging (and more advanced) as I've grown as a weightlifter.... I also loathe
    squats with every fiber of my being, so I refuse to do them. The thought of doing
    them makes me dread the gym, so I just said fook-it, and am doing other things

    Snacks for the kids are usually fruits or almonds, stuff like that. Maybe string cheese.

    Nothing too exciting

    I know! Everyone is in San Francisco! It's crazy!

    And, like squats, I loathe SF as well. Bwahahhaahhaa! Which is funny, cuz, well, I've lived here
    all my life and people just go on and on and on about how GREAT SF is, and by god, I HATE it there.

    Now you just respect your elder here and try those push presses anyway. They're super fun and
    boy HOWDY they use your shoulder muscles. Just trrrrrrrry them one day instead of the ohp and see
    what you think.

    Do this, or I will find you, and pinch you super hard.


    Good, my work here is done.


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    LOL okay I will try that those push presses this Thursday when I go to the gym to do my regular squat/deadlift/ohp. I haven't done those in a while anyway so I should play it up this time.

    I know where you're coming from with the squats though. I used to really fear them and hate doing them. Now that I can do heavier weights, I feel a lot happier trying them. I've just been through a lifting rut lately, and have found them not as fun as I used to. Oh well, time to try cleans and push presses xP

    I wish I could send my mom over, lol. She lives in a different state. But you'd make a great lifting model for her if she were here though

    Why do you dislike SF? I think it's quite nice there, but I certainly am not open to living there for a long period of time.

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    Yeah, I never feared the squats, and actually got really good at them, especially front squats,
    but then I tweaked my shoulder once doing pullovers, and I really don't know why that
    affected my stupid squat, but it did. Once it healed, I just could NOT get my squat down.

    I'm a very wide squatter and since I used to be a moderator on a weightlifting board, anything
    but "ass to grass" squats equaled NOTHING.

    So if I couldn't get my butt 11 inches from the floor, it was NOT a squat.

    I was just so discouraged that I just did other things.... cuz if I can't squat "right", why bother.

    You should try arnold presses for shoulders too. I did some yesterday with only 20lb dumbbells,
    3X8 and man, I can feel it today! It's just so insane how one can do the same moves for the same
    body part, but a different exercise and then feel it the next day. Really goes to show that switching
    up exercises works.

    I don't know why I dislike SF so much. Growing up, we used to go there a lot and it just sucked. The driving,
    the freaking parking, it was dirty, lots of inconsiderate people on the streets, all the glam of the "stores" that I
    don't give a shit about, I hate theater, I hate opera, not really into museums.. so there's just not a whole lot there
    FOR me....

    I do like the beach areas, and what is it, north beach? The little Italian community. That's cool... but just getting there,
    driving there and PARKING there just turns me off.

    Could be cuz I was the only one with a car when I was 18 and drove my friends all over the darn place. Ha!

    Tell your mother to pack her bags this instant!

    How old is she? What state?


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    LOL I've been a believer of the ass to the grass squat for a while, but was just too proud to deload to do them (I like lifting >bodyweight in squats hehe). Maybe I should start doing them since they're a better indicator of total leg/hip strength. Props to you for doing those off the bat!!

    I'm ehhh about arnold presses. I think I fatigue too fast to do those xD

    And my mom lives in Hawaii. Yes, I'm from there recently moved.

    Aw, that is too bad about your past experience in SF. I really like the city just because it's different from South Bay, but I agree with you about driving and parking. I LOVE water (because of obvious reasons...) so I really enjoy watching the waves hit the shores all around SF. Plus I like trying new/good food, love anything related to music (went to Teatro alla scalla in Milan, even though it cost me $100 for a non-hyped show), and like clubbing. So I like the city because of those reasons. Also because I can get away with saying I suck at driving (hey, where I'm from drivers are all friendly and the speed limit on the freeway is 55mph, and nobody speeds) so I always get rides within the city xD You ever consider taking public transportation there?

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    Maybe try a lower weight and then try the arnies. You may learn to love them!

    I got up to 30lb dumbbells, then took a month and a half off.... now back to the 20s... grrr.

    Ah Hawaii! Lovely!

    Did you move here for a job or something?

    I grew up mostly in San Jose, but when my parents divorced when I was six, my father moved to Santa Cruz, so I know
    all about the love of the water... though, it's freezing here.

    My mother currently lives in Monterey, so I see the water a lot, too.

    Yes, now, the club scene in SF was/is wayyyy better than San Jose, totally would go there for THAT when I was
    younger. Hell, I'd go now if I wouldn't look like some cougar looking for some young men... HAR!

    That's just not in the cards anymore. I partied HARD up until about 5 years ago, and now, thankfully (and my liver
    thanks me too), I'm over it.... but I do kinda miss it. The loud music and and dancing and all that. I'm a big fan
    of Top 40, gangster rap, regular rap, and anything CURRENT. I'm not your normal 43yo that "still listens to only
    80's music" cuz that was my genre.

    Please. Bring on the new stuff and the raunchier the better. HA! 'Course, not around the cheeeeeeldrun, but they listen
    to top 40 too. Not some crazy KidsBop crap. I just turn the radio OFF when something suspect comes on. Like when Rhianna
    came out with S&M. AAAAack, seriously, would RUN to the radio, and my kids, not being stupid, "mommy, why do you
    keep turning that song off?"

    Well, let's see, you're 6 and 9, don't want to explain what sex is, don't want to explain why she "likes the smell of it" and well,
    yeah, none of your business. Now beat it!

    Other than those songs, they must be up to date and not stuck in stupid icarly song ruts. Talk about LAME.

    Anyway, back to SF. Yeah, it's way fun when you're younger. I remember my girlfriend and I would drive up there all the time
    to look for boys. Just about every weekend. THAT was fun.

    I guess it's just the whole foofie-foofie "air" about SF that I don't like. Like you have to "be" somebody to merit going there, or you
    have to get all dressed up and all that. And it's so expennnnsive there. And, well, like I said, I'm so not the arsty type either.

    My husband and I went to see Phantom of the Opera one time, just to SEE if we could grind some culture into us, and by god, by
    the first intermission we were like 2 little kids. Bored as all get out, making fun of the whole thing and and couldn't WAIT for it
    to be over. So silly! And we were like 30! Talk about immature. Ha!

    Oh hey, I'm three days chocolate free! I put the damn things in a big ziplock bag, and for some reason I haven't wanted them.

    Maybe ziplock bags are TOXIC. Bwahahahhaha!

    Welp, off to Target for cat food... then home to pick up those LITTLE BROTHERS OF YOURS that you never wanted or asked for,
    but whom you should be playing with on a daily basis. Why don't you ever visit them? What kind of big sister ARE YOU?

    Okay, fine, yes, I try to offload my kids on whomever I can, and so since I've been talking to you lately, you're my target. Sorry!


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    Lol, never been a fan of the arnold presses unfortunately But yeah, I'll try them at a lower weight sometime.

    Yes, I moved here for a job after graduating college this past spring from LA county. I requested to be in NorCal with my company because frankly, I hate LA and the air quality and the traffic and most of the stuff in it. People in NorCal tend to be more laid back, which I am accustomed to, and the air quality isn't as alarming. Plus I loooooove tech - used to want to be an engineer/comp sci major back in high school (I got pressured by Mom to go into business xD)

    Yeah, I partied hard for a little more than 2 years in college (including working abroad with limitless alcohol lol....) but I've somehow grown out of it. I like a good club now and then, but for the most part, I'm not interested in drinking/partying as much. xD

    That's really cool how you like current music. I think you'd get along with my mom pretty well - she listens to it too (not by choice, but because bro has it on the radio all the time). What do you think about the new hype in electropop?

    You ever go swimming here in NorCal?

    And that's okay about the opera thing. Everyone has their own interests, and you shouldn't force yourself into it if you've tried it and not liked it. I grew up playing the piano, and although I hated practicing regularly and had only 3 years of experience going into college, I ended up minoring in it because I missed it so much. To each his own

    And yeah, SF does have that sort of city feel, huh? I guess you just have to find the right people to be with, and explore the parts that are more casual. I like the parks a lot

    Mannn you're totally beating me on the chocolate thing haha. I had pms cravings this weekend and ate the 100% Ghirardelli baking bar that I hid in the back of the freezer. Good-bye 14 day streak.

    Btw...ooh you have a cat? Do you have any other animals? Why do you own a cat and not another animal?

    That's okay - talk all you want. It's a good way to vent out frustrations, and I think it's pretty fun talking to you xD; Plus my mom chews my ear off every other day so I'm used to it LOL

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    By the way - gym results on Monday = squat: 45x1x5 (overheads), 105x1x5, 155x1x3, 135x2x4; bench press: 45x1x5, 75x1x5, 95x1x5, 105x1x3, 95x2x5; barbell rows: 45x1x5, 95x3x5. Bleghhhhhhh and this was with added sucrose from my chocolate bar
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    I hear you on the arnies, I'm not really a fan either, but gosh, I can't believe I can still feel my
    shoulders TODAY even. That's lame. Cuz I did corner presses the two days before that and felt
    nothing. I did do the arnies really fast though.... just wanted to get through them...mebbe I broke
    down some fast twitch muscle fibers er sumthin'. Who knows.

    Hey! That's super neat about your schooling (minus the having to go into business part, blech) and the
    places you've been.

    I don't like LA either, so I hear you on that one.

    I didn't go to college, so maybe that's why I partied until like 39 instead of drowning myself
    in school and getting over it. However, I AM very immature, so maybe college woulda made
    it worse. Ha!

    When I lived in Santa Cruz and worked for my dad, I DID go swimming in the ocean. There
    was always that Indian Summer thing going on in OCTOBER and it was so hot every day after
    work that I'd take my dog to the beach and we'd both swim around and play for like two hours.

    Not so much anymore. I mean, if it was hot enough outside I would, but it has to be MIGHTY hot
    and NO wind. Sheesh, we even have a pool that gets up to about 78 in the summer that I don't really
    use cuz it's cold. Most times I use it for laps, but as far as playing around in it goes, not so much. But,
    we do have a slide, and that's fun.

    Oh now see, PIANO, that is something that I absolutely love. I took lessons as a kid, but didn't get far
    "because they were expensive" and we had to get rid of the piano. Huh? Srsly? Please. My mother could
    afford to go bowling all the time and out with her friends and pay for a babysitter, but no piano lessons?
    Bite me.

    I've been to the symphony three times and I absolutely LOVE that. I mean, I could camp out and LIVE through
    each performance I loved it so much.

    I guess it's just acting/theater I hate. HA! My mother was in theater and it was kinda shoved down my throat my
    entire life. Lotsa plays. Lots and lots and LOTS of plays. I remember having to go to Oklahoma when I was 7
    WITH the stomach flu. Huh?

    I'm named after Julie Andrews if that tells you anything.

    We actually have two cats. One cat, Rachel (7), is an outside cat and wants absolutely NOTHING from
    us but FOOD, and then our recent addition, Bijou (4mo), was a feral cat that I found at my favorite walking
    place that I've been going to for like 30 years.

    My husband and boys were there fishing and I was walking (cuz fishing bores me to tears when the fish are 3 inches
    long) and for some reason I had taken out my earphones, was looking at the water, and I heard this weird bird sound.

    I love birds, so I was searching for the thing making the odd noise (lots of egrets, herons, wood ducks and other
    really strange birds there) and couldn't find it. Then finally I look down and there is this little itty bitty kitten BARKING
    for its mother, like a wild tiger cub. I've NEVER heard a domestic cat make that noise. It was so silly.

    I bent over to get it, but of course, being feral, it ran away and into a gopher hole. I ran back to the boys and I told
    Mike (the husband) we have to leave NOW, there is a kitten that I need to come back and catch. So, we left, I grabbed
    my eldest and a pillow case and said "we have a kitten to catch".

    We get there, scale the damn mountain for like an hour trying to find the kitten, getting scratched up and burs all over
    us and thorns and lord, it was an ordeal. Finally we found kitten in a thorny bush hanging OVER the water, so I reached
    in there and grabbed her. I didn't care if she was going to bite me or what, I just didn't want her to drown. So we put
    her in the pillow case, drove to Walgreens for food and cat litter, came home, set her up with a bed and her stuff in our
    little bathroom and put her in there.

    She was SO tiny. 5oz and 6 weeks old. Ridiculously cute. Long hair calico.

    Anyway, she tamed up super quick being so young and now she is absolutely the most affectionate
    cat-dog I've ever had. She has SO many dog qualities it's not even funny.

    Besides her and The Cat That Wants Nothing To Do With Us, when I moved out of the house
    at 18, I got a black lab. We lived alone together for 13yrs and she was the best dog ever. She lived
    to be 16, saw me get married (well not physically), move into our first REAL house, and have my
    first baby.

    After she passed, we adopted another black lab, a boy, who was seven. He was great the first 5
    years but then went coocoo for cocoa puffs the last two years. For no reason. We finally had to
    put him down last August.

    So no more dogs for a bit.... babycat is enough with these two LITTLE BROTHERS of yours... har.

    I've had a thousand other pets before the aforementioned, growing up. You name it, I had it. My family
    actually used to (they still do) Dr. Julittle because random abandoned or stray animals seemed to fall
    into my lap. I've actually CAUGHT three parakeets. What? That is NUTS. Among other odd animals. Like,
    a pheasant once when I was ten. Who finds that?

    Now look what you've made me do, talk all dang morning. You, with that shotgun to my head. How dare you!

    Your training is great! You do a LOT of reps. Ever try just doing a 3X5 with your heaviest weight?

    How old is your mom?

    I ate chocolate chips last night, so, I suck. But I didn't eat 16 cups, so there's that.

    How often do you go to the gym?

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    Hmmm interesting point on the fewer reps. I like to warm up, but now that I think of it, it probably tires me out before I do anything. I'll do fewer reps next time to try And I'll try arnold presses next time I feel bored of doing ohp lol (by the way, didn't get to try the push press last time because my wrist got owned by something for next time). I try to limit myself to lifting 2x a week for M/Th and taking a ujam class every other Saturday, but I often have the urge to go more, something I need to work on. This week, for instance, I lifted M/W and going to do a self-made sprint WOD on Friday. By the way, did ass to the grass squats yesterday and they SUCKED lol. I can only do about 95lbs for those versus my usual 165lbs. D'oh.

    My mom's approaching 50 soon.

    Haha, I see a lot of your passion in animals! That's great that you take in abandoned animals. I was never a cat person because I never found them to be affectionate like dogs, but seems like it really depends on a case by case basis. I definitely want to get a dog from the animal shelter, but I'm very particular about the type of dog in terms of shedding, how affectionate, how smart, and playfulness.

    WTF @ the pheasant? I'm sure you had a good dinner that night? just kidding haha.

    Maybe you need to throw out your chocolate chips? And never go through the chcoolate section of any store. I haven't eaten any chocolate since my lapse this past weekend haha. Because I have NO chocolate whatsoever left.

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