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Thread: Low-level cardio at my desk?

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    Low-level cardio at my desk?

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    I guess this is an opinion question:

    I got a great pedaller for under my desk at work (here's an example of one, not endorsing), and noticed that if I pedal for a while, it does raise my heart rate. However, today I brought my heart rate monitor to work and pedalled for awhile, but noticed my heart rate only goes up to about 88 or 90bpm max. This is less than 50% of my max heart rate.

    If I'm doing this for a good chunk of my day, is this doing anything for me? I guess anything is better than sitting stationary at my desk all day, but I'm going back to school and am extremely busy, so anything to cut out some of my hiking or biking time during the week is totally welcomed.

    Is it ok to supplement this activity for longer periods of time, or should I still be getting 3-5 hours of 55-75% heart rate to reap the benefits of low-level cardio? Maybe this is a "duh question" but I'm interested in hearing some opinions on the matter.

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    yeah it for sure sounds like it would be better then just sitting there. maybe pedal just a little harder to get into the 55-75 range?

    id be all sweaty if i used one of those at the office lol its a good idea though IMHO
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    Ok, just my opinion, as you requested. I am no expert. IMHO you would be better off looking for every opportunity to walk briskly and bike. I don't know about the difference between 50 and 55% but the longer you do it, the lower the % will go. Honestly, Grok would be ROFL if he say this or a treadmill desk.
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