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Thread: Where can I get my kcals from?!?!

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    I am doing almost the exact same as you!

    It is eaaasy to get 200g of fat. Chicken with skin, steak, bacon, eggs cooked in bacon grease, butter on veggies, bacon, nuts, sardines, bacon (did I say that already?).

    It is hard to get your head around at first with so much fat. I find it easiest to get fats with my meats. I just finished 2 1/4 chicken leg portions.

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    "use real pineapple not tinned, and that hard core...that is the most beneficial part."

    Do you mean the part of the pineapple that is pretty crunchy, near to the outside?

    What an absolutely interesting post-workout drink...haha.

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    Mr. M:

    The "core" is the part in the middle. It's pretty fibrous and tough. Most people throw it away, but I'm a cheapskate, so I eat it. Requires floss after, though ;-)

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    im just working in a supermarket, im on my feet all day stacking shelves basically!

    workout wise is as follows:

    Monday- weight training (45-60 mins)

    Tuesday- '300' workout

    Wednesday- Weight Training (45-60 mins)

    Thursday- Boot Camp (45 mins intense functional training- burpees, bear crawls, sprints, pressups etc)

    Friday- Weight training (45-60 mins)

    Saturday or Sunday- Tabata Sprints

    I have worked out that I would need about 3000 kcals per day. its just trying to get used to eating 200g of fat per day! i dont mind how i get it, i just feel like its too much!

    what i will do though is take all suggestions on board and experiment myself. i will try 3000kcals and see how i feel. then drop it down if i feel like its too much.

    cheers for all the help, i appreciate it

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    hi nirish...your workout chart is per my suggestions you have to go for whey protein, it will really good to you concerned to diet schedule also...!

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