Hi all,

I am currently training to do my second Ironman 70.3. I realize this goes against the prima, theory a tad, but I did read an article in which Mark said if you want to do a big race, fine. Do it twice. Once to say you did it and the second race to beat your time. So this is what I am doing. I orginally signed up to give me a kick in the butt - it was my first race ever; I never ran, hadn't been on a moving bike in an embarrassingly long time. Swimming I can do. Anyway, I finished the race with time (not much) to spare.

Here is my problem. I have about 20lbs left to lose. Do I really need to up my carbs while I train? I signed up last year to help me lose weight and get fit. (I went down one dress size) It seems though I am always supposed to be eating. Won't my body just use the extra spare tire I have hanging around? My CW friends say that isn't the way it works.

I do some fasted training sessions, before which I take my BCAAs like a good girl so I won't lose my lean muscle. But am I really going to "bonk" out in my sessions i eat in
that sweet spot?

Also are ribs primal- I am guessing probably not so much because of the sauce ... I love ribs
Thanks for the help gang!