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    Primal lifestyle and trucking

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    I have a brother-in-law who is not in good health and I think it may be due to several factors, one of which is he is an over the road trucker which means he sits a lot. He tells me he has to stop driving for at least 1o hours after every 11 hour period.

    Do you all think it is possible to live the primal lifestyle and be a trucker? He's interested in this site and says he can take foods with him and exercise by walking on the 10 hours he has off everyday. What do you all think?

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    He can do most of primal. The long periods of sitting is bad news, of course. Can't pull over and stroll around once an hour (I assume.) Getting exercise when he is off is great, but it doesn't make up for the long sitting.
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    Can he have his cabin modified to convert at will to standing? Even changing positions throughout the day is superior to a dead sit.

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    I think he could be great at it - and it should not be a major problem being a trucker - you haven't said what country you're from but in many countries there is still a requirement to take breaks every 4.5 hours.

    I'd encourage anyone to try it - why should he wait till everything in his life is ideal before he starts to try to help himself - start now, even 70% Primal is 100% better than the diet the majority of people are eating
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    I see the biggest problem he may have is with the oils that restaurants use. One of my brothers is an over the road driver and I know that the last thing he would want to do after driving all day or night is try to prepare his meals in the cab of his truck. I know some drivers have some really ornate rigs with mini-fridges and microwaves, but even then I think a lot of drivers like to have a little human contact at the end of the day by going into truck stops and having a meal. That said, it doesn't mean he can't make the best choices available to him.
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    My bro is a trucker, and at one point he did go mostly primal/paleo. It wasn't terribly hard, except as kiss said about the oils restaurants use. I'm trying to convince him to get back to it, as I know his body would appreciate it a lot. This is even eating out or buying quick stuff at the store. Just make the best nutritional choices possible and get exercise in when possible.

    We're planning a big family trip across the country next spring, and have already thought how we will accomplish this without going off PB. If we can do it, surely a trucker can, lol!

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    Thanks for all of the information everybody! I will pass it along to him! Oh, he is in the U.S.

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