Basically since I've lost the 60lbs, I've got what appears to be excess skin hanging around in places like my lower stomach, lower back, and butt (butt is infact kind of wrinkly...). I really notice it when I plank and work on the stomach muscles how much it really hangs down and away from the rest of my body, and its solid muscle underneath of it. I don't have tons...but I've got enough its kind of making me conscious of it. I'm not to the "look good naked" part yet

From what I gathered from a few threads I searched and found, basically its only lose skin if its real thin like the tops of your hands? Its like that around my hip bones, but the stomach, lower back, kidney area is still kind of "thicker". My waist is still a bit big for my weight (35in) and I'm attributing it to this "stuff". Just can't figure out whether its just fat that is making itself more obvious since I started building muscle under it, or if its just excess skin that doesn't have anything to fill out is sort of just bunching up in wherever it can go.