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Thread: Grixxly is here!

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    Grixxly is here!

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    Hey guys! I'm 18 year old male starting college on the 29th!

    I'm going to the beach for vacation for a week at Sea Isle City where I will enjoy my last week of summer and a time to take a break from healthy eating and enjoy some carb rich meals.

    I'm not new to this lifestyle but new to the forums. All though when I do get back from the beach I'm taking this lifestyle a little further by incorporating pastured products into my diet instead of feed-lot meat. Something I have never done before.

    6 pastured eggs a day
    a serving of organ meat (pastured)
    1-2 pounds of either feed-lot or pastured meat
    in season vegetables and low GI fruits.

    That's what my ideal daily diet would look like.

    I'm using the forums as means of motivation. I've always found myself cheating to frequently to get the full benefit. Especially when I'm out with friends or on a date with some broad.

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    Welcome Grixxly. Sounds like a plan. (Would be too much protein for me but I'm an old coot, not a young guy.)
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