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Thread: This is from the American Diabetes Association handbook

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    This is from the American Diabetes Association handbook

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    I've been following bad advice for 5 years and only getting fatter and less healthy.

    Since I've been living low carb my BG has been under control, never higher than 130ish and most of the time around 110.

    Before I would eat only wheat bread, oatmeal, fruits and veggies, and low fat cuts of meat. I'd try to get my 5 servings of carbs a day like the food pyramid says, I exercised my ass off, and my BG was always over 150 if I had a piece of cake it would spike to over 200. All that is with medication.

    I pulled this book out of my filing cabinet to see what it says and it says the same thing my doctor has said, basically "don't eat sweets, but bread, starchy veggies, and potatos are ok."

    I'm glad I decided to give low carb a try and will spread what I've learned to everyone I know.
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