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Thread: Please answer my inarticulate request for recommendations.

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    Please answer my inarticulate request for recommendations.

    I am having difficulty wrapping my brain around this whole blood sugar/insulin thing/glucose/fructose/sucrose/goofcrose/poopcrose. I suspect it's some combination of my small woman brain and my penchant for being easily distracted by shiny things.

    I am also in the very early stages of recovering from alcoholism and I am trying to understand the effects this is having on my blood sugar.

    Anyways, what I'm looking for is a good book or three that explains insulin and blood sugar in depth yet doesn't recommend I eat 6 meals a day of 60% whole grains to stabilize my blood sugar levels throughout the day.

    Please feel free to tell me I'm crazy and/or this just does not exist, but I have a feeling (read: hope) someone out there has an idea of what I'm looking for, because I clearly do not.

    P.S. I have The PB, but it's just not doing it for me.

    ETA: You are also welcome to tell me to shut up, not worry about it, and keep eating protein and fats and you'll feel better soon.
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