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Thread: Please answer my inarticulate request for recommendations.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Adrianag View Post
    Get a glucose meter and see for yourself how your body responds to foods. Meters are cheap, Walgreens TrueTest has a 100% rebate right now. Test strips are expensive in store but you can get 100 for $29 pn Amazon TRUEtest Test Strips, 100 Count: Health & Personal Care. ...
    Thx, I was looking at them the other day and then saw the price on test strips and said F*** that! Actually since I was diagnosed pre-diabetic last year, thought about asking the doc to give me an Rx and see if my ins. would pay for it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lewis View Post
    Alcohol will spike your bloodsugar just like table sugar will—only faster. That's all there is to it, really.

    A lot of recovering alcoholics are big sugar addicts because they're unconsciously using it as a replacement. Sugar addiction is probably, in many cases, a precursor to alcohol addiction.

    Tom Naughton is interesting on this:

    Fat Head » Primal Body, Primal Mind, Primal Tools

    He's also talking about Nora Gedgaudas' book there, already mentioned in this thread. Sure, worth a look. Nora herself does neurofeedback (a kind of biofeedback for the brain) as well as nutrition. I'd guess that she'd probably advise any recovering alcoholic to try that if they possibly can. It has been used treating alcoholics with pretty impressive success. You might like to try Nora's podcast number 41, available here:

    Primal Body Primal Mind Radio - Download free podcast episodes by Nora T. Gedgaudas, CNS, CNT on iTunes.
    Thank you!

    I've been finding myself craving sweets lately, which is really out of character for me as I've never really cared for sweet treats. I figured the alcohol had something to do with it.

    I have so many things to look into Thanks so much everyone.

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