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Thread: Salt: how important is it to avoid?

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    Salt: how important is it to avoid?

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    I think it might be "stalling me out" on my weight loss. Are there specific reasons for this, other than water retention?

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    I don't know for sure, but unless you're dousing tons of salt on everything you eat I can't see it causing that much water retention.

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    Probably not important at all, assuming you use a normal amount - and since on PB you are not eating processed foods, I highly doubt you are using too much.
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    Eating a lot of salt can contribute to a lot of health issues.

    But, I feel that you need to pick your battles.

    When I was 80+ pounds overweight, just diagnosed as type ii diabetic, I made the decision to get myself healthy.

    I dropped about 50 pounds so far... and I AM "dousing tons of salt on EVERYTHING I eat."

    I gave up grains, I gave up most processed foods, I gave up everything with added sugar, I gave up all beverages with any calories of any kind completely.

    I dropped 50 pounds, took my A1C down to 5.4 from 7.5. I am excersising my butt off.

    And I am eating salt... Lots of it... I like it... It's one of my few remaining "vices".

    After I hit my weight and fitness goals, I will consider reducing the sodium. Maybe not... But for right now, the excess salt that I am ingesting is so far off the scales of the other health issues I am combating, it is not worth me giving any thought to.

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    I'm a salty! I like salt in everything - even tea (no shit. I hate bland food!)

    I've been thinking on trying to reduce it... I don't know if I will, though.

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    Well too little salt can be dangerous "too" (I say too because many high salt studies about it's risk are bull) but I can't reduce it. Honestly it's what makes my primal foods taste good, and wouldn't really want to eat them w/out. I love my eggs, steak, and sweet potatoes all with generous amounts of salt. (and other veggies) BUT, since I use a fair amount, I use a "light" salt with 50% potassium, because I figure I get less sodium and I probably won't get too much potassium. However if it's hot and I'm outside sweating a decent amount I use real salt because I figure I need it. (Your body DOES need salt, and the iodine in it, especially with sweating) However, If you have problems with cramping etc that reducing sodium seems to solve, then maybe you should eat less.

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    I use salt. Celtic sea salt (it's grey) and Himalayan salt (it's pink). That way I can get healthy minerals with it.

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    According to Jillian Micahel's one pickle is enough to retain 2 lbs of water. Honestly, though, if you continue losing, water retention can only mask your loses that far.

    The good reason to drop salt is health-related, hyper-tension and all. Whole foods authors and Paleo authors are in favor of not using salt. Salt is added to pretty much anything that passes through human hands on the way to the grocery store, it is naturally high in sea food. Frankly, I doubt any of us is short on salt even if we are never touching the shaker.

    I try to shhot for middle ground - I only put salt on if I find the food too bland without. A lot of foods actually do not need salt. I was heaving a lovely New York stake yesterday, and was surprised how good it tasted au naturel. Eggs is another food that do not need any salt if I forget my conditioned responce to salt them....
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    Quote Originally Posted by Leida View Post
    According to Jillian Micahel's one pickle is enough to retain 2 lbs of water.
    Umm yeah................. I'll just add that to my list of reasons to think she is a dumbass. Just my opinion.

    I track calories/stuff every now and again. The last time I tracked I was eating about 5,000g of sodium/day because I salt a lot of stuff (iodized sea salt). It didn't/doesn't hinder any fat loss for me. AND, I am still alive and no pickle's worth of water hanging on.

    You know, I looked for info on the iodine content of those salts and couldn't find anything. And here, Dr. Eades says it has it in it. I need iodine for thyroid health (it works, I swear) so I will just use this stuff instead of the processed crap that I buy (as mentioned above in this post).
    Thanks yodie!!!
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