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Thread: everyone around me eats rice...

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    everyone around me eats rice...

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    Hi, I'm new here!

    I'm still reading The Primal Blueprint, and it makes so much sense. I was vegetarian for many years before I got pregnant and was constantly hungry. I've been cutting out carbs/grains in the past few weeks and have felt great!

    It is not so easy to cut out rice and grains because I'm Chinese, and my family never eats a meal without rice. My dh is Indian and he eats a lot of rice, but it seems to agree with him as he is lean and fit. I am average size but have struggled with pcos. I actually do not like rice but lots of times eat it because it's part of the traditional meal. That and bread were the last things to go in my diet experiments lately.

    Right now I am staying with my family and when eating at home I can get away without rice as they cook a lot of meat/fish/veggies (all in Canola oil though...). However, when I return to India with my dh and dd, staples are rice/rice products and lentils for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We live in a rural area, and there isn't much choice when it comes to meat. Anyway, my dh thinks too much meat consumption is not good for health...

    I am wondering now how to handle mealtimes when we go back. Any one else have a significant other who eats differently? What do you do?

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    My DH eats MEGA carbs, I eat NO grains, ever. He won't go near anything I eat, he thinks organic/free-range is "weird", and I also have 4 kids to feed. So I cook for hubby & kids, then eat later in the day. You could make yourself "cauliflower rice" to have instead. Honestly, it's your own body, let hubby eats what he wants to, and you eat what you want to!

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    Eat more like The Perfect Health Diet which includes rice and some other starches. It may be easier rather than mostly meat.
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    Just because you aren't eating rice doesn't mean you have to fill up on the meat.

    Eat more greens, I dig pak choi, mustard greens, cabbage, etc. Basically, you just shift from the empty value of rice to something more useful, such as greens.
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    Unless you're actually carb-intolerant (don't know how it is with PCOS so ask around), white rice isn't a problem. I'm from a filipino family and I actually eat more of the other stuff when I also eat rice: it cleanses the palate and makes the next bite of whatever taste better. A small bowl (which doesn't have all that much in the way of carbs) will probably serve the purpose for a meal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by girlhk View Post
    Anyway, my dh thinks too much meat consumption is not good for health...
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    I am Chinese, living in a predominantly Chinese country in south east Asia. As you can imagine, rice is not only a family staple but a country staple.

    I haven't eaten a single grain of rice for more than 2 years.

    How do I do it? I simply do.

    Explain to your family why you're doing it and try to get them to be at least supportive. It was extremely difficult for me at first as everyone resisted my "crazy" ideas. But as I lost 100lbs and got off my diabetes, blood pressure, cholesterol...etc medication, everyone couldn't help but to take notice. Most of the people around me started to try my lifestyle, and bam, everyone started to experience the same benefits.

    So now, my family is also on board. My parents have since lost their excess weight (they've never been at their present weight since they were in their teens) and got off all their medication.

    But what it comes down to is simply this: you have to find a way to do it regardless of resistance, experience some success, and then it becomes a lot easier with the extra motivation you get from success.

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    Meat availability is the only real challenge here. Is there really such scarcity in your area?

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    Well. Everyone around me eats rice, grains, sugar too. Hell, everyone around me drinks, and I've never drank. I think it may be easier for me to make the mental jump to eating differently than everyone around me, because I already have a lifetime of experience of buying, preparing, serving, being around, politely declining alcohol... and just never having any myself.

    Though, granted, I also don't have kids or a spouse, so as a single gal, it's probably easier for me in general.

    But still. Unless you find yourself tempted constantly by these foods, which is a whole other problem... you know, just don't eat them. Eat something more appropriate to your primal diet instead. A lot of foods can be modified. One thing I've done at family gatherings for years and years is just separate the grains and sugar from the meat/veg dishes. That way people who are still into grains can have all they want with the main course, and I can have the same main with a bunch of raw veggies or something.

    I don't really know much about Chinese or Indian cuisine, but it seems like it would be possible to make the rice a separate dish. Then just don't have any.

    Or, as other people have suggested, just get your kids and husband their meals and eat whenever you feel like it. You can still sit at the table with them and have a cup of coffee or tea or something, so you get the family meal together-time in. (Another thing I've done for years, since everyone around me drinks before dinner and NO ONE feels like dinner before 8pm minimum, whereas I like to be done with food for the day by 7pm.) Being on a paleo-esque diet means you just aren't on that whole must-eat-all-the-time sugar-burning thing. So you can eat whenever.

    Anyway, eating this way surrounded by grain and sugar-eaters can be done. It's not even that hard. The real issue tends to be more social- whether people will hassle you about your diet choice, do that 'just have a little! A little can't hurt!' thing that's so annoying, or whether they think its really rude of you to not eat what everyone else is eating, etc etc. Also another whole other problem.

    It can help to clearly identify what the real problem is- whether it's being tempted by having these foods around all the time, worries about not fitting in to the family's eating patterns or people giving you crap about it socially.

    There's ways to deal with each situation. For the last one, my advice? Lie. Say you're gluten intolerant and also diabetic. Believe me, NO ONE will give a diabetic sugar and most people don't want to set off someone's food allergy and have them go into a coma in their living room or something. You can do the same with grains. It's kind of like telling people that you're on the wagon when you want to escape getting bugged by other people about not drinking. No one wants to give the recovering alcoholic booze either.
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    My husband is paleo at home. I do all the cooking, so unless he wants to make his own dinner, it's whatever I'm serving! He gets his junk fix at work. It seems to work well for us... although I'm amazed how often he comes home wanting just a light dinner because he knows he seriously overdid it during the day. You'd think he'd stop relying on my "clean" food as emergency triage and just go for it all the time.

    As others have pointed out, you could do worse than white rice. How long do you go back for? Pack travel-friendly snacks, take some IF time, and if all else fails, remember that belonging to a tribe is as primal as it gets. Sometimes you have to be less than perfect, and that's okay, just make up for it when you can.

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