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Thread: CHANTIX, ANYONE? Feedback appreciated!

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    CHANTIX, ANYONE? Feedback appreciated!

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    I fell off the wagon last year when hubby and I had some, um, difficulties. I didn't really *fall* off the wagon, as I also found out at the same time that my children were spending time with a pedophile. I basically *jumped* off the wagon, did a tribal dance around it, and burned it to the ground. I am back on Chantix again, although I have had temporary success going cold turkey for years at a time (pregnancy, nursing) or sometimes just for no reason, other that I do not like to see myself as an addict.
    So I had my doc put me on the meds again, and whoa, hello nausea. I never had this problem before! I normally do not eat in the morning, but I find myself looking for something to absorb the drugs, (starchy?) or I have an upset tummy.
    Should I force myself to go with maybe a fruit smoothie, or leftover mashed potatoes? Help please! I do not normally want protein/fat in the morning ( I work nights), esp in the summer so I usually IF. Although on my days off, I will plow through some bacon, eggs and veg at 12 ish...
    I am now up to taking this med 2X a day, full dose (you gradually ramp up) and no other side effects so far, other than some diarrhea, (which could have been questionable Calamari!) although I remember the extremely vivid dreams from last time!
    I am not depressed or otherwise unstable...(although I guess that would depend on who you talked to ..nicotine withdrawal is no joke!)
    Thanks for the feedback!

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    I quit smoking last June (2010)... Kinda on Chantrix.

    First question: Did you quit smoking yet?

    Now... Depending on how you are doing with your diet, there are likely going to be some issues with quitting smoking while Primal.

    Nicotine has the effect of increasing blood sugar. A good deal of the effect that you get from smoking is a rise in blood sugar.

    So, when you quit, your blood sugar has a tendency to crash.

    This is why the trigger to eat is so powerful when you quit smoking.

    This can be difficult when you are on Primal, because you are not eating things that spike your blood sugar the way nicotine used to do.

    So, you may find that as you go through the first 72 hours of withdrawl, you may want to fall of the primal wagon, and feed your jones' with some sugar.

    OR... first transition to a state of ketosis before quitting. (Get through the carb flu and everything). This will stabalize your blood sugar and the nic fits won't be quite as bad.

    After 72 hours of being COMPLETELY nicotine free, you can start to dial back any added sugars, and move back into your primal eating patterns again.

    But, don't be afraid to go off your diet to deal with the cravings... Getting yourself off the cigs is more important than a few days of indulgent eating... Just don't go TOO long or you will be fighting another demon if your body gets too far off the diet.

    As for Chantix, I was on it for about a week, then I kicked it the same time I kicked the cigs.

    I just wanted to get ALL the suffering OVER with. I did not want to deal with the pain of quitting cigs... then the pain of tapering down of the Chantix.

    Regardless.... Good luck to you... You can do it.

    And, here's a great resource to help you with quitting:

    WhyQuit - the Internet's leading cold turkey quit smoking resource

    A bit hard core... but great information there.

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    Chantix didn't work for a lot of my friends- they still smoke. They also reported crazy dreams and mood swings and getting into arguments at work!
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    Thanks guys!
    I used "" the last time I quit cold turkey a few years ago.
    Pretty effective.
    My mood is fine, happy...I am just queasy and I don't know how to fix that other than ditching the Chantix.

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    Of all the smokers I know that tried Chantix, it didn't work for them. Vaping (e-cigarettes) got most off the bad parts of tobacco and then they kept using weaker and weaker juice until off nicotine. It's also what worked for me.

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    Chantix was crucial to me kicking my 15 year Copenhagen addiction... you have to be ready to quit, but chantix helped ease the withdrawals.. could be all subliminal, no idea. It did give me very lucid dreams.

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    I quit smoking last December finally after 13 years and about 20 different attempts with almost all products. My ultimate success came from a visit to Brookline, MA and the "Mad Russian". I really think you need to at least look into this option and I will explain why here shortly. Everything you will find about him through internet searches will describe him as a hypnotist and I don't think this is correct. He even states during the session that he is not a hypnotist, lol.

    To this day I really have no idea how it works but I have literally had no cravings since I walked out of his office. NONE. Basically, he talks (in an incredibly thick Russian accent) for about an hour and a half to everyone in a group setting about health and what he does and stuff. After that hour and a half he does the individual part. The individual part only takes about two minutes per person.

    I was very sceptical before I went as I did not think I could be hypnotised. When he stated to us that he was not a hypnotist I was even more sceptical. He did his thing in my individual session and I have never looked back. I kid you not...ZERO cravings since I walked out of his office.

    It was $65 for the session. Best money I have ever spent in my life. What do you have to lose?

    His info is:

    1680 Beacon St
    Ste A
    Brookline, MA 02445

    (617) 232-3930

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    I quit in May 2010, took Chantix for a month. Not sure it did much except give me weird dreams so I stopped taking it. It may have really helped that first week of quitting; I'm not sure. I wasn't Primal at the time. I accepted the fact that I was going to gain weight and I DID. If it's giving you an upset stomach, I'd definitely take it with food. I'm not saying throw your diet out the window, but give yourself a break and don't stress over both (diet and quitting). Quit first and then dial-in your diet when you feel ready would be my advice.

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    I took Chantix four years ago to quit. I quit for a month, but I also couldn't eat because I was so nauseated. Oh, It was bad. I would throw up a lot after I ate.

    Someone told me to chew the pills, so I chewed them. Made it worse!

    I was antinausea medications they give to cancer patients and it barely touched it!

    But I did find gagging (and I mean gagging) down some carbs did help.

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    I had the nausea with Chantix too. Found nothing that would help, nothing.

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