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Thread: Anybody Not feel so good on some of the meat?

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    I also don't tolerate beef too well, and base my protein intake almost exclusively on mackerel (one entire can, bones and all, per day) and wild salmon, and sometimes oysters and tuna, etc. I use grass-fed beef fat to make my cooking oil (is it tallow?), and cut it in half with coconut oil. But a big steak by itself never has done me well. Not sure what it is. Maybe the oily meat just balances things out digestively somehow?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Owly View Post
    My brother has trouble with certain antibiotics that are used in commercial livestock production and can end up in the meat. You may be sensitive to something like that--are you eating conventional or organic meats?
    Organic and pastured, actually.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lucyh View Post
    Interesting. I get the Applewood smoked bacon from Trader Joe's, it just says uncured/nitrate-free on the package, but I'm sure there's salt in it, and it has a nice bacon-y flavor. I actually found some sliced pork belly at a local Japanese market, I cooked it the same as any bacon, just to compare. I seasoned it with salt. It was good, but more pork-y and less bacon-y, if that makes sense.
    Smoking is a method of preservation, and curing. There's salt in it too (I know the product), which is also a method of curing... So the curing they mean is a marketing term that they're using for nitrates.

    I've actually been thinking lately of experimenting with using spinach mash that's been dried and ground as my source for the sodium nitrate for a batch of bacon. I really wonder how that would work out.
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