I just got my cholesterol numbers today and I was somewhat alarmed. I'm 31 years old, about 5'6", and I weigh about 125 pounds, if any of that matters. I was on a raw diet (raw veggies and fish) for a few months before returning to the paleo diet. I'm a little concerned that I'm consuming too much fat, although the fat I consume is very healthy: animal fats, olive oil, virgin coconut oil, etc.

Will someone please help me understand what these numbers mean and whether I need more protein, fat, OR carbs? I'm very confused.

Trig -- 45
Cholesterol -- 250
HDL -- 52
LDL -- 189, Calculated

I don't eat a lot of carbs to begin with, and I don't eat much sugar. I don't eat grains. I eat mostly red meat, eggs, butter, & low-carb veggies.

Any ideas?