If your triglycerides are under 70 your LDL is pattern A = fluffy type.
The fluffy type protect against cancer, invader, boost immune system, kill bacteria, fungal and viral invaders. A high LDL fluffy type is associated with strong immunity to all kinds of illnesses.
HDL is LDL coming back to the liver to be recycled. Also, the plague in yoru arteries, when broken down to be recycled back to the liver will raise HDL, therefor high HDL could mean that you had a TON of plague build up and it's being broken down.
"what does HDL signify?"
High HDL doesn't always mean you're off the hook, or protected, or in good shape.
Small dense HDL pose a risk just as much as small,dense LDL do.
High HDL therefor means nothing, High LDL also means absolutely nothing. People with LDL lower than 160mg/l frequently get infected by invader such as the flu.

Get a CRP test done to determine if you have inflammation. If your white blood cell count is high (BASO, LYMPH) this could indicate that you're currently fighting an invader (parasitic, viral, bacterial) and your LDL would go up.

Small things like dental treatments make LDL go up. LDL is needed to healing, cell renewal, building hormones (including retinol for your eyes and VitD3 for your bones etc...). High LDL if triglycerides are below 70 means you are in a state of healing, rebuilding and repairing tissue...this is a GOOD thing.

This is something not covered in medical school and don't expect your doctor to know any of this. They only learn how to diagnose and treat (with a pill) a symptom. They dont' learn underlying causes of disease, otherwise we'd all be healthy.