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Thread: Pure, white and deadly - Yudkin. Are you interested in reading it? page

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    Lightbulb Pure, white and deadly - Yudkin. Are you interested in reading it?

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    I have managed to get hold of a copy of Yudkin's Pure, White and Deadly which I'm going to pick up today.

    Given the fact it's no longer in print and second hand copies are going for 80 pounds (must be 100plus dollars) I'm going to see if I can turn into a format that can be made available to the primal community.

    This might be a little time consuming, so to gauge interest levels and see whether it's worthwhile please ping me over a pm.
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    Same here!
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    Me, too, please!

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    I tried to pm you but kept getting an error. I'm interested too!

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    Hey, i would be really interested in reading this.
    Being the hardcore reader that i am.

    As for copying it, you could scan the pages in a high quality format then just place the pages in order in a PDF file.
    It is quite time consuming but it isn't overly difficult. Other than that you could just time it all up by hand which takes forever.

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    I'm interested and thanks for doing that.
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    Hi, I'm a newbie here, and I am EXCITED to be here...I would GREATLY appreciate you help w/Pure, White, and Deadly...I have been reading sugar blues, and I tell you I was already crying by the time I got through the first chapter... I can't believe the crap we're programmed to consume!! It's like wonder I am obese...I had to sift my pantry, and swear EVERY item contained SUGAR/Fructose, and for some as the PRIMARY ingredient.

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