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    You don't need to put your heels down in downward dog, especially if it causes pain! It can take months or years to get to that level if you aren't flexible. I'm not flexible (really tight hammies and hip flexors) and I have never been able to get my heels down in that pose. I try to, but I don't force it because I know it will hurt! What's important in that pose is keeping a straight line from hands to tailbone, as well as from but to toes/feet.
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    straight legs are secondary to straight spine/tailbone up, as straightening the legs can cause the tailbone to tuck under, and work against you.

    but it depends upon the individual.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nethru View Post
    Anyone ever get heel pain on the outside of the heel from doing downward facing dog or any similar type possition with legs straight and foot bent up toward head? I went to the foot dr after 3 weeks of pain and he gave me Voltaris (sp) to rub on my foot to see if that reduces the inflimation (1 week so far and no pain relief) and he thinks i might have tweaked a nerve. 1 runs down your whole body to your foot in that general area.

    Just wondering if anyone else had this kind of pain and how they were able to make it go away?

    His next step is to pop a needle with steroids into my foot which I would prefer not to do but if the pain doesn't go away not sure what other options there are. He did mention that my achiles is very tight for someone my age (only 35).
    YES! The only place on the web that has the same exact issue as me. This is probably not from Yoga, it's just prevalent during that move, etc. Mine started after a long golf trip walking and twisting my way through way too much golf. (Very fun). So, what gives? Does time heal this wound? Pinched nerve?

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