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Thread: Fish oil Questions

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    *New to fish oil supplementation*

    Was at a local big box store today to pick up some fish oil for myself and the stockings for christmas. Noticed that for a 2100mg serving of fish oil there was 720 mg of Omega 3.

    Does this mean the other 1380mg of fish oil was Omega 6?

    What is a proper ratio of Omega 3 to total amount of fish oil?

    What are some ingredients to watch out for in fish oil?

    What is the recommended supplementation amount daily for a 25YO male?

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    I would recommend krill oil over fish oil. It has much more antioxidants in it (astaxanthin) and is therefore much more stable than fish oil. You also don't get the nasty fish burps as you do with fish oil.

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    The recommendation would be as little as necessary to offset O6 in diet. Don't take more than a tea spoon or 5ml. I would think that would amount to about 4gm.

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