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Thread: Help! Defrosting meat / meal planning

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    Sometimes, if I'm in a real hurry haven't thought ahead, I throw it to defrost it with some microwaves. You do risk it getting cooked at the edges, though.

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    I try to take out meat for the next night before I start cooking for the present night. It thaws on the counter til bedtime, then goes in the refrig. Sometimes I still need to thaw it a little more in the microwave for it to be cookable the next evening.

    Would putting up a note to yourself where you can't miss it be helpful? On yer pillow? or the bathroom mirror? Just until you get in the habit.

    I still forget, and thank God for the microwave. Steak I will thaw in the micro half a pound setting at a time, then give it 10 or so min for the heat
    to redistribute, before nuking again for half a pound setting if it needs it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by IvyBlue View Post
    I have started experimenting with putting things directly from the freezer into the crock pot. My freezer holds 0 or below so the stuff is frozen solid. So far, if anything, things taste better. Last week gravy (that would be tomato sauce for most of you) with chicken and Italian sausages came out just sublime with the bones kind of disintegrating and the meat still moist after 9+ hours (5 on high, 3+ on low). Works with ribs and shank steaks as well.

    I don't have the room to stock up on the larger cuts (yet) but I don't see why this wouldn't work for something like pot roast as well. I would line the bottom of the pot w/ onions and carrots to hold the roast out of the liquid, chuck some spices in along with the frozen cut and let it go all day on low. Come home from work to a ready meal. I really need to get a programmable crock.
    I was having the same problem with meal planning; and I found a recipe on for cooking a chuck roast in the crock pot, starting from frozen. Since then, I've done it w/whole chickens, pork shoulder....any larger piece of meat can go in the crockpot in the morning, frozen, and be ready by dinner. But plan on checking in w/it the first couple times; my crockpot runs hot, others run cold.

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    The Big Thaw - Safe Defrosting Methods for Consumers

    The Big Thaw — Safe Defrosting Methods — for Consumers

    Uh, oh! You're home and forgot to thaw something for dinner. You grab a package of meat or chicken and use hot water to thaw it fast. But is this safe? What if you remembered to take food out of the freezer, but forgot and left the package on the counter all day while you were at work?

    Neither of these situations is considered safe, and these methods of thawing may lead to foodborne illness. Raw or cooked meat, poultry or egg products, as any perishable foods, must be kept at a safe temperature during "the big thaw." They are safe indefinitely while frozen. However, as soon as they begin to thaw and become warmer than 40 °F, bacteria that may have been present before freezing can begin to multiply.

    Perishable foods should never be thawed on the counter, or in hot water and must not be left at room temperature for more than two hours.

    Even though the center of the package may still be frozen as it thaws on the counter, the outer layer of the food could be in the "Danger Zone," between 40 and 140 °F — temperatures where bacteria multiply rapidly.

    When thawing frozen food, it's best to plan ahead and thaw in the refrigerator where it will remain at a safe, constant temperature — at 40 °F or below.

    There are three safe ways to thaw food: in the refrigerator, in cold water, and in the microwave.

    Refrigerator Thawing
    Cold Water Thawing
    Microwave Thawing
    Cooking Without Thawing

    You guys feel free to do what yoiu want but, I do not thaw on the counter. The article has links to the safe ways to thaw food. If I have to I will use the microwave especially since I have auto defrost.

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    I pretty much don't pay a lot of attention to the warnings about bacteria. I buy local farmed cow and thaw the meat on the counter on a cookie sheet if it is large or a plate if smaller. When it is basically thawed I put it in the fridge.

    Oh and after that bacteria producing method I eat the meat RAW.

    I would not do this with store bought meat however. Even the store FRESH meat can be very old and the expiration date changed.
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    Ground beef I'll defrost in the microwave, if I have to. Otherwise I'm an overnight on the counter, fridge (or slow cooker) while I'm at work person too. I'll cook plenty from frozen as well, I just make sure I have more time since it takes longer. Usually its smaller roasts that I'll cook from frozen, but I've been known to grill a steak or two from frozen and they turn out ok.

    I also cook bigger hunks of meat on the weekend, that last me the first part into the week. I'll freeze cooked leftovers if I don't think I can get through them before they go a bit icky. I'm fairly particular about what I'll eat, my stomach is very touchy and gets cranky otherwise.
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