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Thread: Whole Foods Grass-Fed Ground Beef Sale page

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    Whole Foods Grass-Fed Ground Beef Sale

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    Today (8/16 anyway), $4.99/lb for the 90/10, at least in Dedham, MA. $2/lb off the regular price. I did clean out the case in Dedham, I did not ask about more because there's no more room in my freezer.
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    it was $3.99 a lb here for a 3 day sale a few weeks back .. 16lbs came back with me.. wish i had gotten more!

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    Thanks for the heads up. I will check the one I shop at in Atlanta tomorrow as their ad on the site doesn't mention it is on sale. This is the fresh ground right?

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    Yes! It's happening in MA too, although I guess some other 'meatheads' got to it before me because the shelf was almost empty...and as I gathered up the remaining 9lbs, I watched the cashier with the "Go Vegan" button visibly wilt. Oops

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