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Thread: Primal Journal-Gritty

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    Feeling pretty good today. Blood sugar is controlled! Woo! I went over to my mom's this morning. The hubs and I take our dog (our 70-pound boxer, our baby) every Saturday for a visit so her nana can give her a treat or two (apple, carrots). Usually when I go there, I nosh on pie, candy out of the candy drawer, and whatever else I can find. Today, I didn't do that, but I know that habit is still there because I kept opening the candy drawer. I found some mixed nuts so had some of those with grapes. Satisfying, but I cant tell my carbs (for me) aren't high today because I am experiencing a little carb flu. No biggie, I will get through it. As long as my sugar is stable, I can rock it out.

    Breakfast: 2 eggs scrambled in coconut butter, greek yogurt, 2 piece of bacon, grapes
    Snack: mixed nuts, grapes
    Lunch: 2 eggs scrambled in coconut butter, canned tuna fish (white, solid), avocado, sunflower seeds all mixed together (pretty good!)
    Snack: cashews, grapes, apple
    Dinner: I will probably have a bacon burger (2 patties) with cheese (no bun) with a side of veggies (cooked carrots?),
    Snack: probably a couple boiled eggs

    Weight today: 92 pounds. lol. Working on getting that up a bit.

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    That's great that you've found the source of your rash! I'm really hoping this diet will help with my allergies too.

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