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Thread: Coconut Milk

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    Coconut Milk

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    Quick question because it is the first time I've bought this. I was at TJ's yesterday. I saw Coconut Milk "beverage", unsweetened, in a box. Is this the right stuff?

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    That's usually a fortified drink to replace milk. It is not same thing you will find in the Asian section of the grocery which will be just coconut milk. There is also coconut cream. I use them for curry and Thai dishes.

    So Delicious or another brand?

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    What you want is Native Forest or Thai Kitchen (or grab yourself a fresh young coconut and go to town). You can find them on the asian aisle. So Delicious & the stuff in the dairy section is NOT coconut milk. It's chemicalized coconut-flavored water.
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    Trader Joe's has a light coconut milk in a can in the section with all their Thai stuff. It's not got as much fat in it, though, as the "real" stuff.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mamagault View Post
    Trader Joe's has a light coconut milk in a can in the section with all their Thai stuff. It's not got as much fat in it, though, as the "real" stuff.
    I find less and less to buy from TJ's.
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    if you have access to an Asian grocery store (or a store with a good caribbean section) you should be able to find a nice variety of canned coconut milks. Look for one with the least number of ingredients.

    When you get it, give the can a good shake before you take the lid off. I decant mine into a lidded glass jar so I can keep it in the fridge.
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    Native Forest is really tasty, but it's always out of stock in the Whole Foods around here, but I found that Amazon has it cheaper anyway.

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    Actually there is an Asian grocery store about a minute from our apartment. Will stop there on the way home.

    Hedonist we buy a few things from TJ's. Almond butter, macadamia nuts, and it is the only place I can find the 85% Valrhona Noir extra amer dark cocoa. That's my favorite.

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