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Thread: anyone else on here with Chrons?

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    anyone else on here with Chrons?

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    anyone else on here have chrons?

    going primal has my chrons under control, even though im totally off medication (my wife and i will be trying to have a child soon, and i was on methotrexcate = no trying until its out of my system 3 months) ...

    anyone else notice how well this works with Chrons?

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    I don't have a diagnosed bowel disorder/disease, but I suspect I have one. I have had unexplained chronic joint pain for years, fatigue, bowel problems and a host of other random illnesses. I didn't really notice the severe bowel problems until I started the diet and then "cheated." I had a really bad colon attack (what I call it) after a weekend of careless eating/drinking.

    I've found that anything fried, anything cooked in vegetable oil, anything spicy or acidic (tomato sauce) and things like that cause me problems. It's kind of a process of elimination thing. If I eat according to PB (with a few adjustments - limited nightshades, low acid foods, easy on the spice) I do much, much better! The key is sticking to it. While other people can get away with 80/20, I feel like because of digestion problems I have to be more like 95/5, if that makes sense.

    Also, one of my doctors recommended drinking Aloe juice when you're having digestion/bowel issues. I've only done it a couple of times, but it seemed to help. She swears it saved her from having her appendix removed and also brought her back to life from food poisoning another time.

    Good luck!

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    There are several threads on Crohn's disease. You can do a search!

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