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Thread: Sulfites in my spices page

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    Just found out that the spice mix that I use to make curries contains sulfites and read about the health related risks on Wikipedia.

    Do any of you guys have more information on sulfites. I won't be as happy to finish that batch of curry I made. And its not just because I'm being anal, but because I'm trying to heal a leaky/inflamed gut and anything possibly bad must be avoided right now. Also, what are the best brands of clean spices available. Anything available online at a good price?

    Thanks a bunch

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    Penzey's is a good brand. Where I live, they have an exclusive store only for spices. Unfortunately, they don't have any in Canada. You can always buy them online:

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    I bought some spices and seasoning mixes a couple of years ago when they had a booth at the county fair. The cinnamon was so yummy you could eat it straight out of the container.

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