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Thread: manioc flour tortillas!

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    tell me how it goes rivvin. i'm curious, but i'm happy with these as a "cheat." i had them today in the form of a quesadilla, and i started to wonder...if you omitted the milk/cream, could this be made into dumplings? not like gyozas, but just lumps dropped into tasty broth. there's also a hungarian soup which consists of tiny bits of pasta in broth, don't remember the name now. a few thoughts i'll tryout sometime in the future.

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    Loving these. I find this recipe will make 6 thin ones about 5-6inches diameter. Enough to last me all week. I've been slicing one thin and pan frying in coconut oil, makes great crunchy chip pieces for salads.

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    sounds yummy scubagrok!

    i made these for tacos tonight, but we were out of parmesan so i shredded mozzarella. a chunk of the mozzarella made it into the batter unshredded and formed a delicious pocket of melted cheesiness inside of the tortilla. i think there's untapped potential there.

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    These look great but...
    Manioc flour has 86g of carbs VS white flour at 95g. Not alot of difference there.
    So I am guessing the attraction / difference is that it's not a grain? So the insulin factor still exists due to the carbs, but the inflammatory effects of grain have been removed.
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    I get 4 small tortillas out of a recipe. So today I used two tortillas and had BLT wraps for lunch. Genius! Thanks for idea!

    I get 35 Carbs / 237 Calories - so not a health food but it beats a sandwich!


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    you're correct adam that it's high carb, though primal isn't actually about being low-carb. lots of us are low-carb, but you're not technically eating unPrimal if you are eating higher-carb. after cutting out wheat for so long, i have unpleasant symptoms if i eat it, so something like this is nice for those times when i feel like having something bread-like. for me, this is more of a cheat than an acceptable primal staple. maybe for others, it might be a post-workout refeed or something. still others might be trying to gain weight, and this slathered in butter might be a helpful dietary staple. some of us also have to feed others, like children, who don't need to eat low-carb.

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    confused. So tapioca starch is paleo and primal? I pretty much thought all flours aside from almond and coconut were on the not to eat list for paleo and primal.

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    Starch, of any variety, is tolerable so long as you understand that it is an energy source in its own right. Starch = sugar = insulin response ... and fat. People with healthy metabolisms can tolerate this kind of food. Occasionally.

    Personally, I cannot abide coconut, nor almond, nor tapioca. Rice flour and potato starch are okay for my palate when mixed with blended seeds, but tapioca carries a really useful stretchiness, much akin to gluten. Having tried it, I just don't like the taste. Shame (for me) since this is a really useful recipe for my non-paleo wife who's along for the ride, but does like her plate of fail, or imitation.

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    These things are AWESOME! Didn't crack, split, or break! My Quesadillas are back in business! Thanks for the recipe:-)

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    brent- manioc/tapioca is a root, like a sweet potato, so it's not a grain. i still wouldn't call these good primal fare, as the whole point of eating primal is to focus on nutritionally dense foods. but technically, they are primal.

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