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Thread: I'm feeling horrible

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    I'm feeling horrible

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    I've been doing the 30 day challenge since August 8th and I finally read through the Fitness ebook thing. I got pretty excited to start and so I tried assessing myself. I'm pretty ashamed/flabbergasted.

    Let's put it this way. I could hardly do 15 wall pushups. The rest of the assessment was similar or worse.

    It was only ten years ago that I could run three miles a day and fifty real pushups, crunches, etc. I can't believe I'm so out of shape that my arms and legs can't even handle basic movements. Ugh.

    To sum up: How do I motivate myself to continue when it's so bad?
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    Perfect starting place.
    The more out of shape and overweight you are, the faster the changes. Big differences at 1 month and three months. Don't try to push the scale too much by reducing food to low. You asking many bodily "systems" to reconfigure. You can't get at your body fat effectively until your body does some changing/healing.
    Just get to Sept 8 no matter what. You will feel much better by then.

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    Well imagine what you will be like in another 10 years if you dont or give up.

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    I don't think anybody can tell you or anyone else what will motivate another person - it's a very individual thing, and something which is very important to me because of my experiences might be just a bunch of words to you. Figure out that for yourself.

    I think perhaps what you're asking for here is drive, rather than motivation; and the only true way to develop that is switch off your thought processes and just do it. You can talk yourself in or out of anything at anytime, so ignore any mental chatter and move your body. With that and a proper source of motivation, you'll see results very quickly from that kind of starting place. Enjoy it while it lasts!

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    Think about 'greasing the groove'. (Put it in the search box if you like)

    For example, pick a wall in your house (or a doorway)... whenever you go past the wall, or through the doorway, you do a handful of wall pushups. It could be 3, 5, 10 or 15. After a few days you'll be able to do a couple more, then a couple more, then you'll be brave enough to move to girlie pushups, then maybe one or two real ones.

    Pick another doorway ... whenever you go through it, do a few squats... and so on....

    I never could run or do real push ups. I still can't, but that doesn't mean I can't do anything.
    Newcomers: If you haven't read the book, at least read this thread ... and all the links!

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    @Donnn: Alright, I'll try not to think about it too much. Despite my dismay at my fitness level, I've been loving the diet change so far. I think I might not get enough fat though, trying to figure that part out. The energy and mood that I've been in since I started primal has been great... I can't imagine what September 8th will be like.

    @olebaldie: Ugh! Good point. -_-

    @PrimalFist: I think I understand what you're saying-- I experienced that instantaneous drive when I decided to go primal in the first place and I haven't had any doubts yet. I can apply that to my exercise if I try, I'm sure.

    @belinda: That's a great idea! I'll try that starting now.
    Doing the Primal 30 Day Challenge since August 8th, 2011!

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    I understand how you feel. I didn't martial arts heavily for years. I could would do three sets of 30 push ups with only about 1min or so between reps. My arms where better muscled then most guys I knew. Now I can do two sets of ten. I'll work my way back up to before but its going to take time. Before my 2 sets of 10, it was about 1 or 2 real push ups and 5 girly ones. Knowing what I could do before just means I know what I can accomplish given time because I've already done it. Maybe in a few more months time, I can even surpass my old score. Muwahahahaha!!!!!

    Edit: I should also mention when I was doing all this extreme martial arts training, I had tendinitis in all my joints, got sick a lot, was burnt out, had great energy while training but no energy when it came to anything else. So I could do a lot training some 5hrs a day (as I was), but it did destroy my body. I would like to achieve my fitness goals in a more healthy manor this time around.
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    Just keep at it and focus on any little positive aspect you notice. I love to go for long walks. It's my thing. I remember 4 years ago how hard it was to walk one mile. I worked up to walking for almost 3 hours at a time (8 miles) on BOTH Saturday and Sunday each week. I loved it. Have gotten away from it since I moved but going to get back to it in a few weeks. 2 broken toes recently didn't help either. Keep at it and enjoy the journey. You will look back a year from now and see how far you've come.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MaLink View Post
    It was only ten years ago that I could run three miles a day and fifty real pushups, crunches, etc. I can't believe I'm so out of shape that my arms and legs can't even handle basic movements. Ugh.

    To sum up: How do I motivate myself to continue when it's so bad?
    That was ten years ago. A lot can happen in ten years. Just think, ten years ago we weren't blowing trillions shooting missiles into a desert. Anyway, you figured out once how to get to a place where you could do 20 miles a week. In order to recapture that today, you'll have to do at least what you did last time.

    How do you motivate yourself when it's bad? That's on you, and purely based on who you are.

    Me: I take off my shirt and stand in front of the full length mirror. For me, that = motivation. If I need more than that, I choose a ridiculous goal, and then tell everyone that will listen what I plan to do. Build shame and fear of failure.

    That's me though.
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    Great advice everyone, I'm trying to take it to heart. I think I need to learn some serious patience though. I've been reading through different threads on here to keep my excitement going about this change in my life so that's been helpful. I didn't get obese overnight, so I guess I won't get healthy overnight either. Maybe I should redefine my goals and make shorter ones?
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