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Thread: Litvinov Sprints: king of asskickers!

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    Litvinov Sprints: king of asskickers!

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    Read an article on from Dan John....he has some great ideas to try out.

    The variation I did. 88lbs KB swings x 10 followed by a 100 yard balls out sprint

    Did this three times and I think it ruined my day!

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    This peaked my curiosity so I thought I'd look it up and try it. Butt kicker and very primal. I used barbell deadlifts and a C2 rower. Here's the link if anyone is interested.

    Good enough, is not.: Litvinov sprints

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    Maybe I'm a bit of a masochist but this sounds really interesting. Good change-up from Tabatas. I am thinking of taking a sandbag to a forest preserve where the kids go sledding. Perhaps sets of sandbag snatches, each followed by a run up the hill and back. Or at the fitness enter I could take a bag or kettlebell next to the CII and go that route. Cool! Thanks for the info.


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    OK, I gave this a try tonight. I did 8 reps of snatches with a bulgarian bag, followed by 1 minute on the Concept 2. Three times. I had visions of doing 2 minutes on the Concept 2 but about 45 secs into my first round I was more than happy to make 1 minute while retaining consciousness. These are harder than they sound, but I think they will be a regular part of my regimen. Maybe alternating with Tabatas.


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    get a friend, put them on your back. it's cool.

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