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    Muscle Soreness and Weakness

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    I have been primal for 4 weeks now and am having muscle soreness/weakness. It feels like I have just run a marathon in my thighs, butt, etc. In fact, even to bend down to clean up toys my muscles hurt. I have taken a few days off from exercise and this morning just did a workout DVD and could hardly get thru it from soreness. Is this from high protein, low carbs? I have been keeping carbs around 20g.

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    20g carbs is right in borderline keto territory if you're not doing MCTs and ketogenic aminos. You might be stuck in perpetual "almost keto", which is a bad place to be because your body never fully adapts.

    My advice: either go fully keto or up your carbs. Don't be stuck in the middle.

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    I doubt from high protein, low carbs. I would say normal if the exercise is a new thing. If that's the case more rest between workouts. What do your workouts consist of?

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    Some folks (particularly more active ones) find keeping too low carb causes these issues. Have you read _The Primal Blueprint_? Mark does not recommend staying under 50g carbs for more than a short period, and recommends 50-100g carbs for fat loss, 100-150g carbs for maintenance (and more if you are training much more than the average primal person.)

    How active are you? How often to do you work out and how? I personally would up the (PRIMAL) carbs (fruit, veg, etc) into the ranges Mark recommends and see if that helps.
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    I have problems with pretty bad muscle weakness and soreness as a result of magnesium and potassium deficiency. I use a supplement for both and it makes a world of difference. It can be very hard to get enough magnesium through diet. For potassium I think you can try bananas, avocados, etc. You can also try adding in bone broths seasoned with real sea salt.

    Good luck - I know how annoying it can be!

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    Try magnesium before bed. And eat coconut butter/oil to get the MCTs!

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