I was turned onto this site by a friend very interested in the Primal Blueprint, and as I'm moving toward that myself I've also seen the exercise information here and felt this would be a good place to try and grab advice. I'll be brief and to the point as much as possible.

I have a friend and because I do workouts and am changing my diet, I wanted to help her reach her goals of fat loss and physical health. She is 26, 5'11", 264lbs. Between the years of 16-23 she did kickboxing, was down to 180lbs and low body fat (abs visible). Life took a turn and at her worst she got to 400lbs, and after two years got to 263lbs and stalled.

She made the headway so far with Weight Watchers, and now that I'm involved I've taken her further towards Primal. Easy things (soda, sugar free, low/non-fat, prepackaged heavy carb foods, more fresh/frozen fruit veggies) are already done and in the battle plan, and as I figure more of the diet we will change, but that is something I can figure out.

What I'm struggling with is a workout plan. My first instinct: back to kickboxing/boxing as I've done this and it is fantastic. But, due to her own body particulars and situation, her knees are shot (cartilage gone). She can't kick a heavy bag without pain, can't squat beyond a shallow half squat, lunges are POSSIBLE but not in great quantities, no jump rope or running, but she can work the elliptical.

I'm trying to develop a circuit or training routine of bodyweight workouts, mixed with stand up boxing I think we can still do as long as I don't get her to duck and weave too much, but I would love input on some routines that would be minimal impact on legs that I can put into an interval workout. Pushups, Pull-ups, Stomach, these I've got ideas for...but more would be appreciated...along with diet tips as well, especially from women. As a man, I know what would work for me, but what else can I throw in there?