Hey all,
It's been 5 months since I've gone primal and I've lost 35 lbs, gotten rid of diabetes and my medications for diabetes, and went from a size 38 waist to a loose 32. Still got some ways to go but pretty damn good progress.

The eating has been relatively easy after the initial shock of carb loss...

However, the working out has been a different story.

PBF could not be any easier, any simpler, and any more convenient. Mark has done the ultimate "hack" in KISS reduction in exercise. But I stilll hate it... I have always hated exercise. The only thing I like about it is AFTER it's over. The before and during are not at all fun for me. Don't like the burn, don't like the sweating, not one bit. I have used will power to push myself this far, but it's not sustainable. Just this boring, I re-read the PBF PDF and was really motivated and did one cycle of the 5 primal movements, but couldn't get myself to go through the second cycle. Mind you, I have progressed from only doing wall push ups to being able to do 25 real push ups. I have progressed from wall squats to doing 50 regular squats. And I can do full 90 seconds planks and 45 second side planks. I just hate every second of it.

There are some bright spots. I absolutely love sprinting. I have had some issues with cramps and hamstrings pulls. But I have been able to sprint for the last month without any cramp or hamstrings issue. Running on grass with the wind in my face is a lot of fun. I think I've improved my gait and my speed and with the weight loss, I feel "lighter". So sprinting outdoors on the grass is "fun".

Also, I've spent the last year, especially the last 6 months, learning a form of Tai Chi that is more intense than the one most people think of when they think of Tai Chi. This one is really taught more as a martial art, has more kicking and jumping, and I've progressed into learning sword combat forms. However, I classify the Tai Chi sessions in the "move slowly" category as it's good for my joints, tendons, cardiovascular, and is really about movement more so than LHT or cardio.

So I think I've got the move slowly part down and the sprinting part down. It's just the LHT part that is really challenging me mentally. I think it may be the last component as I'm a little on the "skinny fat" side and if I could conquer LHT, I think the additional testosterone release and muscle building will help with the last 15 pounds.

Any suggestions, wisdom, hacks that have worked for others?