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Thread: Having Trouble Moving Slowly

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    Having Trouble Moving Slowly

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    I workout around six times a week. Lift heavy things, xfit mostly. Yoga sometimes too. I find it really hard not to take more than a planned "rest" day to walk or move slowly. I can't grasp if I'm supposed to be working out that yoga or walking is enough. Anyone else?

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    Make an appointment with yourself (or with someone else) to walk in your area 2 or 3 days in a row. You might be surprised.

    For me, I realized what I was "missing out" on in regards to walking. Now I'm disappointed if I don't have time.

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    The walks are great! We've taken to including the kids and we just go where ever in the neighborhood -- even let the kids pick which way we should go at cross streets. It's a great way (for me) to deal with the frustration when I look around the house and everyone's in front of a screen. That's when it's TIME TO WALK!

    Another idea is if you have to make phone calls that you can make on the cell phone, take it with you and walk and talk. If you are going to be stuck on the phone, may as well be moving slowly...

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    Walks are great, running is as well. There is a lot of ground you can cover between the 50 and 75% HR range.

    Just do it, and quit worrying.
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