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Thread: Raw Milk in Texas (to be available soon!!!)

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    Raw Milk in Texas (to be available soon!!!)

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    I was at my local farmer's market in New Braunfels, Texas (right outside of San Antonio) talking to one of the local vendors, and he said legislation just passed to allow the sale of raw dairy in Texas! He also said he doesn't know how long it will be until the legislation is in effect, but there's a vendor for raw dairy products he thinks will be back when it's legal. I haven't confirmed this yet, but unless he's mistaken this is good news for Texas!

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    Actually, raw dairy has been legally available for quite some time in Texas, but could only be bought directly at the farm of production where the cow was milked.

    The new legislation changes that such that the raw milk could be sold *away* from the farm, such as at farmers markets, etc...

    This can be both good and bad. Its good that it makes raw milk more easily accessible to people who don't have to find contacts and drive out of their way. Its bad from the standpoint that the buyer doesn't get the opportunity to know nor trust the source of the raw milk, and it provides more opportunity for the raw milk to "degrade" prior to sale, something a local farmer selling directly has every incentive to avoid.

    So I am ambivalent about the law. I am fortunate, there is a raw dairy farmer quite close to me and my place of work. I just stopped by yesterday on the way home from work and bought a gallon for the week.
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