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Thread: Rice/Noodles Etc.

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    Rice/Noodles Etc.

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    I was on vacation this week, so I inevitably had to consume some noodles and/or rice. I've been consuming basmati rice on a daily basis for the past month or so (just added it back) and I've been doing fine. One night, we had to have spaghetti. I was like ... uh oh, but I ate it all.

    I always hear of these type of carbs as problems for many PBers. The spaghetti didn't affect me at all - no stomachaches or bloating or whatever. What's the deal?

    by the way, I'm not trying to lose weight.
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    Rice is fine, but spaghetti has wheat in it, and wheat has a lot of issues. Many paleo people are perfectly comfortable with white rice, even daily. Wheat, which is in spaghetti, however, has other issues. Some people have a far worse immediate reaction to wheat than others, nevertheless, it is not a good thing to incorporate in your diet on a regular basis.

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