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Thread: Indoor Smoking... yes... it is possible!

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    Indoor Smoking... yes... it is possible!

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    I live in an apartment complex that is pretty much impossible to do standard smoked bbq. When I had a house I regularly smoked all sorts of meats low-and-slow a couple weekends a month. I loved doing an awesome BBQ with healthy, paleo sauces!

    Unfortunately, moving for a job required me going into an apartment and my poor hand-crafted smoker had to be sold. I've been craving to do bbq for so long I thought I was going to go crazy. And then I found this:

    Yes, that's right, it's a pressure cooker that SMOKES.

    It made this:

    Yeah yeah yeah, it isn't like a 100% reproduction of a traditionally smoked piece of meat, but it sure is tender and smokey tasting and it even has a small smoke ring.

    I've cooked sausage in it and served it to friends and they all thought it came out of a traditional smoker.

    If you want to smoke in your apartment... get one.

    Cook's Essentials 5 qt Indoor Smoker &Pressure Cooker w/Book -

    Now excuse me while I disappear again.

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    I what noooooo.....

    I want this. T_T You monster.

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