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Thread: Minimal Prep Primal Meals

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    Minimal Prep Primal Meals

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    I'm currently living away from home for 4 weeks of training. I have access to a kitchen, a fridge, the usual. Problem is I don't feel comfortable using all my roommates stuff so need simple primal meals i can make.

    A few problems, I only have one container to store food a 2 cup container I can use to take for lunch.
    I can't eat the same thing everyday. I usually don't eat breakfast, and get by without eating lunch but need at least one meal a day.

    I already eat eggs with pork belly but I can only eat so much in a day. I have access to fresh veggies, meat, and seafood within walking distance.

    Ideally I would like something I could make that is single portion, or double so I can save it for lunch. like 4-8 different ideas. With different tastes, few cuts of meat, few vegetables, and few seasonings so I don't have extra when I move out in 4 weeks.
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