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Thread: My doctor friend: venting in a place where people understand

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    My doctor friend: venting in a place where people understand

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    So frustrated! I have a very smart friend that got his MD/PhD and is now practicing medicine. We've recently reconnected after many years and it is amazing how different we are! He's expressing frustration about not being able to change his shape despite working out with a personal trainer. I made some comment about body comp being 85% diet, eat meats, veggies, healthy fats. Turns out he is a vegetarian. When I jokingly said something about the sadness of excluding bacon from one's diet, he raved about Morningstar Farms "bacon."

    How on earth can someone responsible for other people's health be so misinformed and eating such crap?! Live and let live, I don't care what you eat or recommend if you're in any other profession, but a freaking doctor should know better. Reminds me of my own doctor: Pudgy and genuinely distraught and concerned over the fact that I exclude dairy and whole grains from my diet, despite handing me flawless labs, including bone density that is twice the standard deviation above normal.

    People trust doctors with their lives and look to them as the authorities on nutrition, taking their word as gospel.


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    A wizard shoudl know better!
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    Yes, they should. I've been lucky enough to have brought up possible food allergies as reasons for cutting out certian food groups and my doc has been ok with it.

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    Link him the wisdom of Ron Swanson: Ron Swanson on Vegan Bacon - YouTube

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