I've been thinking of making a journal for some time now. A way to hold myself accountable and a way for people to openly bitch slap me when I'm pussying out. Plus, I think I need a little ego stroking from time to time. I haven't started a journal yet cause I'm pretty lazy when it comes to internet posts and the like. So weekends, forgetaboutit. I hope I can keep this up cause I think it will help me in my vain quest to LGN.

A little background info...
-Was always a fat little kid. Loved my PB&J. Jiff, no crappy skippy peanut butter. And always homemade jams. Was very active.
-Got into weight lifting around 16 or so. end of highschool, start of college, I was in the neighborhood of 190# (divide by 2.2 for everyone else who isn't American.). Played baseball and soccer. Wasn't coordinated enough for Basketball.
-Hurt my shoulder...sky rocketed to 225.
-CW and weight training back down to 210.
-Got out of college and had no time or desire to continue with weight training. Felt burnt out. That was 2003/2004.
-Discovered crossfit in 2006/2007. Thought it was genius. Did that off and on for a few years. Went from 225 down to 210.
-Joined MDA and went primal/paleo in October 2010. Started at 230.
-Currently, I'm 30 years old at 195#.

I'm looking to slim down more. I think with my body style (5' 10"), 180# should be comfortable. Gonna shoot for that for now and re-assess later. The weight loss for me has been slow, but I think that's cause I seriously under eat...especially on the weekends. When I realize this and pig out, I drop the weight. Just went from 200 to 195 in the past few weeks. I'll post a picture and my measurements to keep myself accountable.

Secondly, I'm looking to gain some strength back. I recently did some simplefit type workouts for a couple of months. Started at level 4 and went thru level 6. I was just trying to up my pull ups to were I could maintain around 10 to 12 pull-ups (not kipping). Right now, I am focusing on weight/activities that include a push/pull movement. For example (using the 5-5-5-3-1):
Tuesday: bench press and weighted pull-ups
Wednesday: Sprints
Thursday: Deadlift and Shoulder press and SDHP (Sumo Deadlift High Pulls)
Saturday: Squats and cleans

Going to switch to M-Tues-W-F once kid is done with soccer. I'll do this until I get bored with it. I always liked crossfit, but it is too much for me. I want to do something that incorporates a lot of movements, but I have to remind myself of what my goals are.

My diet is closer to paleo. I have cheese occasionally and milk too. I get some pimples after eating dairy, so I limit it. But I love cottage cheese and cheese curd. Buy farm fresh, free range eggs. Meat from the store. Fruit and veggies from vegetable stands in the summer, from the store in the winter. I have very limited alcohol. If i do drink, I shoot for vodka or rum or tequilla with soda water and lemon or lime. Sleep...could be better. I usually get 7 hours a night. Sometimes less. Very rarely more. 8 is the max. I sit behind a desk all day. I'm a highway engineer. Work in Syracuse. Its much more relaxed than my previous job (site design engineer). So already, my stress is a million times lower.

So, last night was a sprint day. I did back and forth in my back yard 8 times. My lot is about 200' wide (or 60 meters). Back and forth = 120m. Averaged about 16 sec. per sprint and rested for 1 minute in between. Last sprint took me the longest only because my 4 year old son wanted to run with me. So I gave him a head start. When he reached the other side of the yard, I begin and we race back to the start. Well, I got to the turn, turn-around and see him flat on his face. I bust out laughing and go pick him up. He cracked me up cause he does the Peter Griffin knee thing without knowing it.

I'll log stuff as I go along. Not big on posting what I ate or taking pictures of food. It doesn't stay around long enough for pictures. I'll try to generalize. Other than that, I'll just add some general ramblings. Cool? Cool.

We'll find out if I did this right...