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Thread: Primal Sleeping Positions

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    Primal Sleeping Positions

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    Ostensibly, our ancestors slept without the aid of pillows..(or did they have makeshift pillows?).

    So in what position did they sleep?

    I have numerous sleeping problems, most notably snoring and perhaps sleep apnea. It is worst when I roll over and sleep on my back. I have tried sleeping on my back with no pillow..still..snore..sleeping on my back with a pillow..snore..sleeping on my side..usually roll over onto my back..and sleeping on my stomach..which i find uncomfortable, although this might stop snoring. However, I hear it is bad for your back.

    So what position is NATURAL for sleeping?

    I've found only one article on this..


    Instinctive sleeping and resting postures: an anthropological and zoological approach to treatment of low back and joint pain

    anyone else no of any articles, or of how do hunter-gatherer's sleep?

    I just came across Mark's post on this, just wondering if there is any more info available?
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    Here is a thread about sleeping on the floor:

    I moved to the floor over a year ago and just LOVE it. Specific positions for me tend to be on my back or sides, and my whole body feels good on the more firm surface. Just my n=1!
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    Interesting article, thanks! It seems to me that all forms of sleep in the wild would be natural... being on a bed being "unnatural"? I wonder if Grok really had all that good of sleep, length wise. In groups I have read that the natural sleep cycle would wake some at different times allowing for a natural guard rotation to keep a watch over the group so to speak.

    As for me I like sleeping on the incline, I have slept on heated floors in Asia and really liked it. But I have my beds raised 4 inches at the head and love this!

    thansk again!
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