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Thread: Primal Burger Goodness

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    Primal Burger Goodness

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    Whenever I bust out my favorite way to eat a hamburger in front of guests....I have to explain how delicious it is to wipe off the odd stares. Once they try it, they see what I mean. It's like when you first try bologna and peanut butter together (What the?! Oh, that IS amazing!).

    If you haven't ever had a burger topped with an egg, bacon, and almond butter then you are missing out on an amazing combination. I first tried it at a burger joint, brought it home, and haven't eaten a burger any other way since.

    The original came with a bun and peanut butter (in my pre-primal days) and I was hooked, but able to convert it to more primal fare. This is a treat in our household - only have had burgers twice this summer. But if you load them up like this, it's probably best to eat them sparingly.

    Just make your standard patty (with whatever meat you want and seasonings), grill (duh), and serve with an over easy egg, bacon, and almond butter....YUM! Still giving me an odd stare? Try it and you'll see....

    Anyone else have a tasty/odd burger combo?
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    This. sounds. awesome.
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    I do mine with egg and bacon too....but I've never tried it with almond butter. Guess what I will be trying this weekend???

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    I have a bunch of grilled grass fed patties sitting in my fridge right now. I will have to get some more almond butter and give these a try. Good to see another Iowan on the board.
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    I just went from 6 to midnight. I need to try this.
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    If you want to get feisty, mix the following into your beef:
    chopped flat leaf parsley
    minced garlic
    minced bing cherries
    pinch of ras al hanout.

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    I've been mixing almond butter and thai chile sauce into my eggs and bacon this week. This just steps it up!

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    Quote Originally Posted by davem View Post
    If you want to get feisty, mix the following into your beef:

    pinch of ras al hanout.
    What's that?? ^

    The egg, bacon, almond burger does sound delicious!!

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