Sorry if this has been asked before, but Iím looking for some help or guidance from anyone who regularly takes part in triathlons, duathlons, running races etc.
I know it goes against the Paleo model of fitness etc. but I still get the urge to take part in some local duathlons, the odd triathlon, and some off-road runs that are local to me. Iím not talking about racing every weekend, but maybe once a month would be good.
Also the events are not too long, Iím talking 2 hours max. Iíve never really been into long races, though I did do a half ironman back in 2004.
For those out there that compete in races, but do it under the guidelines of the primal bluprint fitness plans, what does your typical weeks training look like? How often do you compete in races?
Do you still do the long slow runs and rides, or just concentrate on short HIIT stuff with weight training mixed in?
What about fuelling, still mainly lowish carbs with sweet potatoes etc after training sessions?

Any tips would be good, just would be fun to do a few races, it surely wouldnít do too much harm, as long as I didnít race too often would it?

Many thanks.