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    lurker diving in

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    i've been coming to this site for a while and checked the forums once or twice, i got the book a couple weeks ago and am in my second week of transitioning to primal living. so far i've done mostly good with a couple relapses but i do like the fact that i'm not as hungry eating this way. i'm trying to drop about 40 lbs i lost 25 doing p90x and then i did a hybrid of p90x and turbofire but i didnt lose any additional weight and realize its time to change my eating habits

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    Hi and welcome! Lots of good help and advice around here.

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    Welcome. I hope primal goes really well for you.
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    Jennifer, 28 years old
    Vegetarian for 13 years, primal since July 2011
    Weight lost on primal: 34.2 lbs

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    I am in your boat and am just starting out as well. Good luck....!

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    Hi Mr...
    I just joined the blogger community here, but have been doing the PB for about a year and a half. I started at 210lbs in February of 2010, and am now floating btwn 165-170. Stick with the program, it really works. BTW, I am 45 and in the best physical/mental shape of my life. Lot's of good people/info here...Good luck to you.

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