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Thread: Low blood sugar

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    Low blood sugar

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    I went to get a blood test this week, because I have a problem with drowsiness in the daytime and I wanted to see if anything was wrong. All my results came back good, except that my blood sugar was very low; the doctor asked if I had been fasting, and I hadn't, I'd just had a big omelet.

    Does anybody know what it means if you have low blood sugar? Could it be related to my fatigue? Could it be related to laying off the carbs?

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    I can tell you it's definitely related to the fatigue. I went primal because of blood sugar issues... the grains/high carbs were causing a blood sugar spike and then when it crashed I was so exhausted, I'd be dizzy and pretty much worthless. I could barely manage to survive the day. Part of that is due to pregnancy but when I increased the fat in my diet from going primal it made a tremendous difference.

    Now, having said that, if you are already eating primal then I have no idea. Maybe more fat? I'm not in a position to advise since I'm new to primal and also still very tired all the time due to pregnancy... it's just a "different" tired than I get from a blood sugar crash.

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